Airtech fairing

Find great deals on eBay for airtech fairing and vintage fairing. Has anyone dealt with Airtech before ? Specifically the ÔÇ£50ÔÇÖs Rennsport Fly ScreenÔÇØ, ÔÇ£ Classic Caf? If so, how were the instructions, hardware, fit, ease of painting, etc?

FairingÔÇØ and the ÔÇ£Dunstall FairingÔÇØ.

Ryan cuts the hole into the airtech fairing for the 9headlight. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Sorry, this category has just one post. Subscribe to MotoGeo for latest news and . Measurements, fitment, and other pictures.

We provide the windscreen only. The pictures of the fairing are for your reference.

So I just got my new Airtech front fairing and am now scratching my head on how to mount it. So my question is, Who has mounted one of these to. They make a really nice looking set of NSR replica fairings for the 900. Experience the very latest Air Compressors Technologies, Accessories, Equipments and Ideas.

The Airtech will take place on days from Thursday, 15. I need one for my ZX-but I dont want to wast my money if the quality isnt. A huge aluminum intercooler resides inside the AirTech fairing where the headlight once live and the AirTech fender now holds a tiny light that might be legal somewhere in the worl but not in California. Sure, the front fender, upper fairing and gas tank resemble their stock counterparts, but the chin fairing. Bmw fairing has and is there.

Purchased and actually put on the bike? I had a upper from them for my FZ7and it was crap. That was 16-some-odd years ago. Seems to be holding up very well for over a year now.

This is a competition version half fairing for the 900SS where a headlight is not required. Can You Do A Better Price? We are based in Bunbury, Western Australia.

I need a new seat fairing , ref VF1R My old fairing broke at the bend and the pieces lost when I bought it and is useless, unsalvageable.