We focus on quality, function and efficiency in our products. In addition, System is also applicable in hairdressing salons, veterinary hospitals and . Alsident System extraction arm. Our wide selection of extraction arms and accessories will cover your needs.

The best point-of-use fume extraction systems for a healthier, cleaner environment.

Ideal for laboratories, hospitals, museum restorations, electronic manufacture or repair, film restorations, beauty salons, bakeries and many other industries . The hoods are made of transparent. PETG or PP and the suction pen of white poly- propylene (PP). See insert for further information.

Please also feel free to visit . SYSTEM includes mounting brackets, hoods and reducers. The mounting brackets are made of black or white powder coated steel. The bracket versions are either table brackets for fixing on the edge of a table, wall .

ALSIDENT extractor tube DN (AS), antistatic. Legislation often requires individual fume extraction systems for the protection of workers. The company went on to specialise in extraction arms for use in dental clinics, and customers soon included the electronics industry and other markets as . POINT OF USE FUME EXTRACTION. The purpose of this sheet is to help Designers select the proper System for their given application.

System Aluminium is suitable in non-aggressive working environments where there are no special requirements for chemical resistance or antistatic abilities such as laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, schools, hairdressers, nail studios, electronics industries . System 1Chemical Resistant is suitable in working environments where large air- volumes are required and where there are special requirements for chemical resistance such as laboratories, hospitals, chemical-, pharmaceutical- and food industry. One extractor arm has three hinge points and one extractor arms has two hinge points. Arms have joints which . Technical specifications.

Distance between 1st and 2nd hinge point: 34. Fume extraction arms and accessories designed and engineered as self- supporting flexible ventilation systems for removing localized fumes and dust from activities at workstations. Together with the internal spring or the external gas spring, the construction is self-supporting. The extraction arms consist of articulated pipes providing great flexibility. The movable joints can easily and quickly be positioned during the working process.

Sen käyttö on miellyttävää ja se asettuu vaivattomasti haluttuun kohtaan työpisteessä.

Valikoimassa on myös kohdepoistoja tiloihin, joissa vaaditaan kemiallista kestävyyttä tai antistaattisia ominaisuuksia. This construction in a point of extract which is easy to position to the source . Die Produktenpalette von Absaugarmen ist sehr breit und in Kombination mit der großen Auswahl an Hauben lassen sich die Absaugarme allen . Powerful fume extraction arm for heavy-duty tasks. SYSTEM 1includes mounting brackets, hoods and reducer.