Coelan primer

Once applie this single component coating will not require re-coating for many years. Significant cost saving associated with reduction in material, maintenance frequency and labor can be achieved. Yellow-pigmente necessary as an inhibitor for all wood surfaces. COELAN primer yellowish.

For light-sensitive woods, pigmented red or brown primer is recommended.

Product Safety: For this product the hazard pictograms and signal words shown above apply, as well as the following . Coelan is by far de beste blanke lak die momenteel te koop is. Maar om zeker te zijn van een goede hechting van de coating is het van groot belang om de juiste ( eenvoudige) werkwijze te volgen. Breng na het schuren van de ondergrond de speciale primer aan.

De primer met een kwast of verfroller op kale houten ondergronden aanbrengen. Daarna aflakken met meerdere lagen Coelan Coating tot een dikte van mm. Verkrijgbaar in transparantgeel e.

Please note that various colour tones (pigmentation) are avail- able for various types of wood. This primer is essential on all bare wood and helps to . After drying for around 5-hours the joint and cracks should be filled up with Polyurethane based filler and smoothed flat. Sanding: After fully hardening (around 1-days) the whole . I am not really fussed about the cost. Still a good deal for me compared to regular varnishing or the cleaning alternatives which I did on my previous boat and disliked.

It would be nice if ey did little touch up pots though. Coelan guys say they cannot do a clear primer as the anti- uv stuff is in the pigment. Purchased boat two seasons ago. A previous owner had gone mad with a belt sander and then a dreadfull re- varnish.

The belt sander had gone right through the varnish and primer exposing. Coealn er en En-komponent polyurethan baseret primer, der sørger for vedhæfning og UV-beskyttelse ved behandling på træ som teak, eg, lærk og fyr. Goed hechtende bestaande verf – en laklagen kunnen ook met Coelan behandeld . Coelan Primer Grundpillen i behandling af alt træværk.

Finally a Teak Coating that will last.

Anvendes på alt træ og sørger for vedhæftning. Download the Coelan Application Guide here, or Safety Data Sheet here. Sorry, but we are unable to ship Coelan outside Mainland UK. We try to keep limited stocks of Coelan on the shelves, to be sure it is . Independent short- and . Gebruik dit product veilig. Lees vóór gebruik eerst de productinformatie.

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