Both are popular and are great for giving your print piece a fresh, contemporary feel. Deciding which is best for your project (if not both) is a matter of preference. We wanted to showcase this set of cards we printed recently to demonstrate the difference between embossing and debossing. The artwork for both were identical, the only difference was how they were printed.

Making hills or valleys.

Learn about these two different printing processes here. The second form of debossing is blind debossing. There are two types of debossing. A blind deboss is one of the extra features available for letterpress printing. The difference is embossing is raised and debossing is depressed.

It is an elegant process that refers to the impression of a design, decoration or lettering on a surface. Both blind embossing and blind debossing produce beautiful, textured finishes to printed stationery be it coming up out of the paper or down into the paper. Either way you add far more than just a touch of class to your products – you give them an almost matchless look of quality.

Both these methods create strikingly impressive design. They can be applied to cover the entire paperboard surface or used to . This is done by pushing a metal die on the back of the paper, car or whatever material you are using so the front will have the raised image. The image area is pushed in to the sheets under tremendous pressure. Not to be confused with embossing, debossing applies pressure on the paper forcing the material down from the paper surface. Debossed invitations and printed matter.

We end up having the discussion around here at least once a week about how best to use the same vernacular as our clients when it comes to embossing, debossing and blind letterpress. Do we try and educate all . This tutorial (with photos) will walk you through setting up your files for emboss or deboss. Both techniques provide tactile qualities as well as visual shadow lines that subtly enhance the look and feel of an object.

Either process can have color or can be blind i. We offer a wide variety of print finishing options to add the final touch to your print project. It is an extremely rich look on fabrics and a nice alternative to traditional decorating techniques. Fine embossing is like sculpture in paper: rendering bol corporate images or impressionistic forms of equal beauty–and lasting value. A lot of us these days are tired of the same old mundane business cards and documents and are looking for a way to emphasize a design, embossing is usually a great way to do this.

It’s a great turn your business cards, invites and publications into something special. An embossed surface is a raised 3D image created during the printmaking process.

Transform a flat image into a dimensional work of art that instantly captures attention. Aside from adding a visual aesthetic to a piece, embossing and debossing creates a more tactile and memorable experience for your brand. From intricate sculptured textures . Embossing and debossing elevates your brand to new heights.