They can be aseptically filled or filled on normal packaging lines. A large printing surface (on both sides) allows you to design an extremely commercial package. Standing bags Doy-pack are flexible vacuum packaging that has significantly expanded its range of application in the Russian market.

When Doy-pack is fille the bag can stand up giving an extremely commercial appearance on the shelf. Also needs less space than traditional crystal jars making transportation and storage . A crisp, neat, and appealing stand-up pouch style that is fast gaining in popularity to sell in premium products including pet foo coffee, pasta and snack foods.

This bag is eye catching and sets your product apart from the competition. Containing anything from candy to soup to detergent to pet foo this popular packaging format is designed to stand alone unassisted and differentiates itself from typical flexible packaging bag . Discover what products suits at best to this bag and which machines can produce this kind of bag. STAND-UP and DOYPACK packaging machine create an innovative packaging format that allows pouches to stand in a vertical position after filling. When compared to flat pouches with the same format, a greater filling volume can be achieved . The pouch can also be produced with resealing systems, such as a corner spout or center spout for liquid or creamy products . We offer tailor-made film for doypack solutions fitting your specific packaging- and production demands.

Tailored to your request… The stand- up pouch is a pack that is still growing in popularity. We can supply the readymade stand-up pouch and we also supply the film on reel.

VFFS or horizontal doypack machine for bulk, liquid and powder products. The latest Tweets from DOY-PACK. Doy-Pack “ tipo maišeliai turi dugną ir pripildyti gali tvirtai stovėti vertikalioje padėtyje, todėl šio tipo maišelius patogu išdėlioti parduotuvių lentynose.

Maišeliai pasižymi mažu svoriu, patogiu laikymu bei naudojimu. Can pack either flat or standing products. Special applications are available upon request. Large capacity, easy-to-load carton store.

The package size is 2ml, and they come in packs of per box. Orange Pineapple Cocktail. Pakona Engineers (I) Pvt Ltd manufactures Model No. Pilot Program at the doypack Production line The implementation committee decided that in a first stage, the SMT program would be launched in only one production line as a pilot program.

Once the SMTs were implemented there, other lines such as . Doypack ) with zipper, valve, tear notch.