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European Search Company is a professional search company. We are convinced that getting the best from talented people begins with a well-crafted recruiting strategy to attract individuals with the capacity for success. Join LinkedIn today for free.

Based and designed in Europe , Qwant is the first search engine which protects its users freedoms. Our keywords: privacy and neutrality.

Husk, at selvom du er logget in er din evaluering 1 anonym over for arbejdsgiver. d for at evaluere. Læs mere om regnskabet . Europages is the business directory leader! This allows you to search for and access company information from the national business registers. But the giant could afford to wait and see, and it favored building its own technology, should it feel that the market had gotten big enough to justify the investment.

Entries can be submitted by either the client company or organisation, or their search agency in English, French, German or Spanish.

To submit an entry, please download the entry form and upload when prompted during the online entry process. You will be able to edit this entry and add further. Please enter any keyword in the box below.

To refine your search , you can use Boolean terms – combining keywords with operators such as AN NOT and OR – or apply filters. By artificially and illegally promoting its own price . The Engine launched a powerful ad campaign in the UK featuring Icelandic Skyr products from . Del din mening i dag, og læs, hvad kunder har skrevet. Description: Over 0of the most popular engines within categories including sports, shopping, reference.

June for breaking antitrust rules by skewing its general search to unfairly favor its own shopping service over rival sites. The company had days to propose how it would stop its illegal content and days to make changes to how . EuroSeek – Swedish 2nd generation search engine. FAST – Norwegian search engine technology company. Technical, legal and business information about patents.

Quick access to patent information databases and other helpful resources. French search engine start-up Qwant has received an EU -backed loan to expand across Europe. Image courtesy of Qwant.

The search engine is considering placing an alert at the bottom of each page where it has removed links in the wake of the landmark . Tuesday, charging that the U. The punishment — announced at a press conference . I am also the owner of NetTraject, a Dutch company that advises on international search matters and provides training in search engine marketing and project management. Every month more than million unique visitors from all over the world use the platform to search for products, services and suppliers. Mijn home office is mijn kantoor thuis.

In de kantoren in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Maastricht, New York en Zürich heb ik wel een ruimte, maar deze kamer is echt mijn basis. Ik deel hem met mijn echtgenote, die ook in het bedrijf werkt.