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Or will it harken back to its true, indie roots-to a time when only the cool kids knew who Parker Posey and Chloe Sevigny were? Bush sold the harken stock so he could buy a small percentage—just 1. English dictionary definition of harken. Idiomsharken back hearken back ( see phrase under hearken).

The Torah tells us listen, hear, and hearken on whichever level you are able. The voice is pedantic and apostrophic – O .

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In one of his jobs before being selected president by the Supreme Court, George W. Bush was the chairman of a company called Harken Energy Corp. During his time there, Bush watched as Harken used shady accounting to fool investors into thinking that the company was financially sound when, in reality, it was failing. To hark back, to return or revert (to a subject etc.), to allude to, to evoke, to long or pine for.

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Verb: harken haa(r)-kun. Derived forms: harkens, harkening, harkened. Looking for definition of Harken ? Definition of harken in the get-redside. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache.

An old sense of the verb hark (which mainly means to listen) was used in hunting with hounds, where the phrase hark back denoted the act of returning along the course taken to recover a lost scent. List of Anagrams of harken, Anagrams of harken. If someone harks back to something in the past, they talk about it again and again, often….

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