Iso 9223

Metals, alloys and metallic coatings can suffer atmospheric corrosion when their surfaces are wetted. The nature and rate of the attack depends upon the properties of surface-formed electrolytes, particularly with regard to the level and type of gaseous and particulate pollutants in the atmosphere and to the duration of their . Specifies the three key factors in the atmospheric corrosion that are: the time of wetness, pollution by sulfur dioxide, air-borne salinity. Defines categories of corrosivity of the atmosphere. Gives terms and definitions.

This standard classifies the corrosivity of an atmosphere based on measurements of time of wetness, and pollution categories (sulfur dioxide, airborne chlorides).

The standard was not intended to be used in extreme service atmospheres such as those within chemical or metallurgical processing facilities or where . At present, it is being revised by using data from new programs of atmospheric tests carried out in col . All BSI British Standards available online in electronic and print formats. TABLE — ISO wetness class based on time of wetness. There may be times or locations where the corrosivity category is higher than expected. For example, lighting columns that may be located in environment category Cmay be subjected to local conditions.

However, environments can be broadly classifie and corresponding measured steel corrosion rates provide a useful indication of likely corrosion rates. Water in the form of rain does not always increase corrosivity.

It may even have a beneficial effect by washing away chlorides and pollutants. This International Standard establishes a classification system for the corrosivity of atmospheric environments. It – defines corrosivity categories for the atmospheric environments by the first-year corrosion rate of standard specimens, – gives dose-response functions for normative estimation of the corrosivity . Bez VAT: 7PLN Z VAT: 8PLN. Understanding the impact of engineering material degradation, rates of deterioration, and how this occurs over time are governed by the environment in which structures are built or the loads to which they are subjected. Forecasting remaining service life and planning for durability of an existing structure is . Clasificación, determinación y estimación.

Corrosividad de atmósferas. Classification, determination and estimation. La norma stabilisce un sistema di classificazione della corrosività di ambienti atmosferici. Essa definisce le classi di corros.

Korrosion von Metallen und Legierungen. Various Atmospheric Environments. These factors are: 1) Time of wetness, Table B.