Kamstrup meter

OMNIPOWER is our answer to a high performing electricity meter providing long- term stability and reliability for all applications. To think forward and prepare for the future sometimes you have to say goodbye. The ULTRAFLOW flow sensors use microprocessor technology and ultrasonic measuring techniques.

Remote reading of energy and water meters increases efficiency and customer satisfaction. Kamstrup offers both mobile and network solutions.

The OMNIPOWER single phase electricity meter for use in households is a high- precision smart meter , offering long-term stability and reliability. In the water business, there is a lot of talk about the value of data. But what can your utility actually gain from working more proactively with meter data?

A signal corresponding to the flow is transmitted (number of pulses proportional to the volume flowing through the meter ). The signal cable is available in 2. Pulse Transmitter can be used. The larger ULTRAFLOW flow sensors (DN150-DN250) are available with .

It uses Smart ZIGB and GPRS Technology. It sends money from the Vending station to the meter once money is paid to the vendor. Customer gets meter information via SMS. Standard optical data output, including power supply, a set of short direct or pocket sensors with 1. Our extensive range of Multical energy flow meters include models such as the Multical 30 the new Multical 40 Multical 6and Multical 8heat and cooling energy meters.

Comprehensive parameters allow you to define the following outputs: (type dependent) – Meter value Active energy Delivery – Meter value Active energy Infeed – Meter value . They are a world leading manufacturer of system solutions for energy metering, including Heat Meters. Module is compatible with both single and poly phase meters. ZigBee metering functionality.

The Multical 4is the compact ultrasonic energy meter which registers the exact consumption due to its supreme measuring accuracy. Bekijk de instructievideo of download de handleiding. Connect the unit to a USB port on a Power Pack, as described below, or a USB port on a PC.

Alternatively, it is possible to use a cigarette plug with USB. We recommend using at least USB Readers: one mounted rigidly on the PC and one e. The ultrasonic sensor does not include any mechanical parts and is not subject to wear. Automated reading of consumption meters delivers a wealth of benefits – for utilities, housing associations and individual consumers.

Now, large and small utilities and housing associations can carry out remote meter.