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Baggy Wine Coat gives the popular Bag in Box wines a casual but stylish look. There is room for an ice pack too, if you prefer to have your wine chilled. Simply take the wine bag out of the box, place it in the Baggy Winecoat and close the flexible top. A rubber bottom makes sure the Baggy Winecoat does not tip . The award winning Baggy Winecoat , designed by Jakob Wagner of Denmark, gives the popular bag-in-box wines a casual but stylish look! Prices shown are for Smith Street store only.

Available in Black or White from HomeClever. Perfect for picnics you c. This handy wine tote is a safer, more stylish way to wine and dine on the go – just remove a bag of wine from its box and fit its spigot through the opening in the base of the baggy. A flexible top secures the wine in place so you can carry it without fear of . Transform your Baggy Winecoat into an all-purpose portable drink dispenser. Cocktails, bottled wine, juice, anything you desire.

Menu Pin Table, Neo Yellow. Weine aus dem Tetrapack erfreuen sich immer größerer Beliebtheit. The conversation will flow right along with the wine, and everyone will be impressed by the classy convenience of your fancy wine tote.

Ja, det er lidt lige som Anders Frandsens Kærgården-skjuler, hvis du kan huske den. Altså, bare lidt sejere, . You can now disguise your wine or any beverage for that matter in a purse like tote. Traveling stylish wine bag.

Your favorite boxed ein just got a stylish makeover with the Baggy Winecoat. The size can be adjusted by rolling or folding the belt and it stands stably on a non- slip rubber base.