In order to consider it microfluidics , at least one dimension of the channel must be in the range of a micrometer or tens of micrometers (see the difference between nanofluidics, microfluidics , millifluidics and the behavior of fluids at these scales). Microfluidics deal with very small volumes of fluids, down to femtoliters (fL) which is a . In fact, microfluidics refers both to a science and a technology. Indee microfluidics is basically the manipulation of fluids at the micron-scale (one millionth of a meter), which implies a profound . The first applications of microfluidic technologies have been in analy- sis, for which they offer a . Microfluidic devices can reduce reagent consumption, allow well controlled mixing and particle manipulation, integrate and automate multiple assays (known as lab-on-a-chip), and facilitate .

Although in the nascent stage, microfluidics is rapidly emerging as a breakthrough technology that finds applications in . When the dimensions of a device or system reach a certain size as the scale becomes smaller, the . View our particle size reduction equipment and request a quote! At the microscale sample volumes and assay times are reduce and procedural costs are lowered. Dolomite is the world leader in the design and manufacture of microfluidic products. Using this wizar you can determine the back pressure generated in a constant flow rate system or the flow rate generated in a fixed pressure system, as well as the Reynolds number.

It is viewed as an essential tool for . Please click on the NEXT button to start using the wizard. NOTE: The calculations are based on the Poiseuille formula for frictional pressure .

The intrinsic limitations of conventional batch synthesis have hindered its applications in both solving classical problems and exploiting new frontiers. Microfluidic technology offers a new platform for chemical synthesis toward either molecules or materials, which has promoted the progress of diverse field Lab on a Chip . Important applications include simulations of lab-on-a-chip devices, digital microfluidics , electrokinetic and magnetokinetic devices, and inkjets. The use of microfluidics has enabled many experiments that are otherwise impossible with conventional methods.

Today there are many examples that demonstrate the. Microfluidic devices offer novel time-saving advantages to researchers using mass spectrometry (MS) for proteomic analysis, and these tools have been becoming more available in MS over the last two decades. Recent papers by Redman et al.

Naturally, phenomena at the smallest dimensions are dominated by other physical effects, which have to be considered. The journal seeks to improve the fundamental understanding of microfluidic and nanofluidic processes, examining the current state of research and . We believe that integrating the science and engineering of microfluidics create the best microfluidics products. Start building and improving your applications today.

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