Msi afterburner gtx 960

Dont forget to LIKE and SUB! The easy interface gives access to the most detailed information about your graphics card and allows for tinkering with pretty much anything available on your graphics card. Compatible with 64-bit Apps, available in many languages, . It also provides an incredibly detailed overview of your hardware and comes with some additional features such as customizing fan profiles, benchmarking and video recording . MSI designs and creates top-tier gaming gear for gamers.

MSI GTX 9GAMING Overclock. You will find it here and you will see the latest version is 4. MSI has one of, if not the most popular overclocking utility on the market. We will be using the latest MSI Afterburner version 4. This program allows full control of the video card including voltage control, power limit, core and . Are my overclock settings safe?

Could anyone simply just post their OC setting in MSI afterburn in case you are using game edit. The GTX 9is introduced in th.

One of the best tools for overclocking Nvidia and AMD videocards is our own AfterBurner which will work with of the graphics cards out there. Ragazzi come posso settare le impostazioni della mia scheda video con il software MSI Afterburner per ottenere le maggiori prestazioni dalla mia 9? Miksi Afterburner ei anna säätää tuulettimen pyörimistä alle , mielestäni se pyörii ihan turhan kovilla kierroksilla silloin kun en pelaile? Kuvittelin, että tuuletin ei pyörisi lainkaan mikäli näytönohjainta ei kuormiteta. So everything was going fine with my pc yesterday.

I was using msi afterburner to overclock my gtx 9to play gears of war ultimate at higher settings and good fps. It was going great, until today. Yes, and the overlay is awesome. Go to your MSI afterburner settings, go to On-Screen Display and select a hotkey to use.

Then go into Monitoring and select which information you want to be shown . With MSI Afterburner , we set the power and temperature limits to their maximum allowed values: 1percent and 95°C respectively. We ended up being able to add 170MHz to the core, taking it to 386MHz (449MHz boost). Habe mir letzte Woche ne GTX 9von Gigabyte in der OC Variante zugelegt und wundere mich etwas über folgende Dinge. Ist das normal das im MSI Afterb.

Hey everyone, I has an Asus ROG gl551jw-dslaptop. When I open MSI the only options I can change is the core clock and memory clock.