Multimeter em 61

Mäter det mesta med funktioner inklusive inbyggd spänningsdetektor. He will take you through all the functions of the. GS marking, TRUE RMS DIGITAL MULTIMETER Features. Read about company and get contact details and address.

The -3series contain parts that can be damaged by static discharge. If the display reading falls out e of the range shown in Table the s not meet specification.

The Fluke 1digital multimeter is accurate even in low light. Check out the best non-contact multimeter for efficiency in demanding settings today! The digital multimeter , also known as a Volt-Ohm meter, measures electrical magnitude in different fields of electronics.

This small, lightweight multimeter fits comfortably in your hand but is rugged enough to withstand daily use for years to come. Digitalmultimeter PCE- EM 886. UNI-T UT61E is characterized by multiple measurements (voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency) and tests (diode, continuity) and analog bar graph, data hold function . Måler det meste med funksjoner inkludert innebygd spenningsdetektor.

Meter Field Test and Adjustment Method for Temperature (397KB).

Voit poistaa tietokoneellesi tallennetut evästeet käytöstä, mutta se voi heikentää kotisivustomme toimintaa. Cumpre o que é proposto. Measures A (A overload for seconds). Cons: A Sensibilidade de leitura em frequências poderia ser melhor. E deveria ter backlight.

Pros: I dont think there is much to say about this DMM, grMultimeter for . Accuracy specifications. Take readings from the display. Caution: Maximum Input = 3A DC or RMS. The parameter listing provides the key-press code in numeric order.

Figure 5-also illustrates the key-press codes. Instantly trend and monitor intermittent problems with. Wirelessly save measurements directly from your test tools into work orders— only available with. Angebote zu Uni-T Multimeter im Multimeter Preisvergleich.

Preise für Uni-T Multimeter vergleichen. МУЛЬТИМЕТР MASTECH MY- 61. It realized a combination of basic measurement functions and math functions as well as sensor measurement function.