Nordisk telemark 2 lw review

I have to admit I had some worries about the Nordisk Telemark tents before taking one for a spin last week, mainly because the four corners appear a bit over fussy with some heavy strengthening to keep the struts in place. As it was I came away very impressed and confident . As someone who spends a lot of time reading reviews , comparing specs and inspecting products I usually have pretty high expectations when I finally pull the trigger and make a purchase. It is exceptionally rare that I find something that exceeds my expectations as thoroughly as the Nordisk Telemark LW.

A blog reader, Jonathan Inch, contacted me with an offer of an initial review of the Nordisk Telemark tent.

It looks a very interesting tent and a real competitor for the Laser Competition. Whether it competes with the Scarp, depends on your priorities. I decided to go for the Telemark rather than the Telemark as for only 1grams more you got a bigger tent which would better accommodate me and my touring gear.

We need not have worrie the quality of construction is second to . REVIEW OF THE NORDISK TELEMARK LW. Every single member of the Test Team thought that they were about to erect a tent designed for one, as it weighs less than many 1-person tents. An in-depth review of the Nordisk Telemark ULW two man tent.

Setting up the Nordisk Telemark in fresh winds, which got stronger through the night.

A superb choice for backpacking weighing only 9grams and with lots of excellent features. Review of the Nordisk Telemark I LW ultralightweight tent. Telemark ULW has won several awards for its technical and extreme lightweight construction, and despite the very low weight there are no compromises on function or comfort. While looking for tents in the lightweight category, the Nordisk telemark tents are sure to come up on the list.

Known for being light, stable and utilitarian, the nordisktelemark tent is available in LW (lightweight) and ULW (ultra-lightweight ) options. They also come packed with several other features that . One wor three letters, Wow! This is THE lightest tent in its class on the market! Weighing under a kilo at 950g!

It packs down to a minuscule x 41cm. Stupidly light for the size! Test and review : Nordisk make excellent lightweight tents and as their website states, simplicity is a core value in developing new products. It is not a fully free-standing construction, but you can pitch the fly first, then attach the inner . The Nordisk Telemark LW.

Nu zie ik de Nordisk Telemark LW een compacte en lichtgewicht tent. Ik lees wel veel reviews maar nergens . Hi all has any one got one , any reviews from peeps on here pls , before I press the buy it now button whats the carbon pole like in comparison to the.