Overclocking cpu explained

Overclocking is the black magic. This is usually applies to the CPU or GPU, but other components can also be overclocked. Jul Learn the pros and cons of overclocking your CPU , the physics behind changing your clock rate and the basics of overclocking an Intel or AMD processor.

The community was made up . Will someone please explain to me how overclocking works? At the very ground level.

How does changing the multiplier and increasing the voltage result in more speed. Id like to understand it for both CPU and Memory, if its not the same. AMD CPUs are unlocked in early editions of a model and locked in later editions, but nearly all Intel CPUs are locked and recent models are very resistant to unlocking to prevent overclocking by users. Nov To some, the term overclocking conjures up images of fried motherboards and exploding CPUs.

In reality, the process of overclocking either your CPU or GPU is simple and safe. Best of all, it can provide a significant performance boost. There are, however, a few concerns you.

Over the years hardware and software tools used in overclocking have become easier to use, which means this tweak can now be handled by even the greenest tech . Jun Turns out I was mostly wrong.

Thanks to my recent trip to Computex, I can cross liquid nitrogen overclocking off my bucket list. HWBot director Pieter-Jan Plaisier explained the science and technique of liquid nitrogen overclocking , and together we took a CPU to 7GHz and lived to tell the tale. Feb Until the introduction of LLC, when overclocking , we all had to deal with an ugly beast called Vdroop.

The system is unable to maintain the set vCore perfectly, needed to keep the OC setting stable. Rating: Table of Contents . CPU voltage would drop under system load to a . Here, we take you through the basics, busting confusing jargon and offering the essential advice needed to get you . GamersNexus has an excellent breakdown on how motherboards work. Before you pick up some new hardware, maybe you should consider overclocking your CPU. Luckily, both Intel and AMD offer unlocked CPUs at a variety of price points. Answer: Adjustments to computer hardware or software to make the CPU run at a higher clock frequency than intended by the manufacturer.

Because the CPU gets its final speed by multiplying a number by the FSB frequency, increasing the FSB frequency will also increase the CPU frequency. Just be careful not to drive your FSB settings . To understand the to the above questions, let us understand a few basic. What does it actually do? Oct In its original incarnation as a HEXUS.

Intel Core Duo processors written by David Marshall (aka Clunk) has already had over a quarter of a million reads – so we thought it time to turn . Darien Graham-Smith walks you through the process of overclocking AMD and Intel CPUs.

Sapiens Thanks for the explaining that further, I may try out the ultrafast preset to see the file sizes since the cpu usage is still a little .