Pick by voice

SSI Schaefer has implemented a state of the art pick by voice method for order. It offers numerous advantages over conventional order picking methods such as paper lists or wireless terminals. By implementing a pick to voice system, accuracy, speed and productivity can increase significantly for fast moving and complex warehouses. Setzen Sie auf die Nummer Eins. Pracownik komunikuje się z systemem za pomocą słuchu i mowy.

Wszystkie informacje, takie jak miejsce magazynowe i ilość do pobrania, są przekazywane przez system naturalnym głosem, a odpowiedzi potwierdzane są głosem przez pracownika.

With the Voice-Client pro-Voice, proLogistik provides a device that sets standards in terms of software in addition to its technical features with its speaker-independent speech . Increase both your productivity and your employee satisfaction. Improve your process workflows while optimizing process quality. Voice picking is a vital part of the outbound logistics process and has a significant impact on customer service.

Generally comprising the largest workforce in the warehouse, the significant improvements in productivity and accuracy in the picking process that are possible with voice create a compelling business case. By standardizing picking processes, you can increase the efficiency and quality of your order picking considerably. In online mode, you will have access to current inventory . A barcode scanner (wired or wireless) can be added to increase accuracy and productivity.

Unter der CPS-Lagertechnik versteht man ein System für das wegeoptimierte Kommissionieren von Handelseinheiten auf Paletten bzw. Idnet Voice, our voice application, (also called pick by voice or voice picking ), creates additional opportunities to optimize your workflow. Higher quality, better ergonomics and improved key ratios will be the result.

In cooperation with Vocollect we offer our voice picking application, Idnet Voice. Pick-by-Light-Technologie. The solution allows data from . Of course, that also includesquick and correct picking. Especially for extensive orders we offer picking via a pick-by-voice -system.

SPEECH Lydia the voice activated order picking system. Although pick-by-light solutions offer many advantages, pick-by-voice systems are also ideal in some scenarios. Voice-directed picking can be advantageous especially in large warehouses where direct eye contact with electronic displays is no longer possible or where many order pickers work side by side in a . The new order picking system for a major meat and fresh food products distributor delivered a major boost in efficiency, speed and accuracy. Reducing errors and speeding up picking with better ergonomics. Read more about it here.

Order- picking is based on factors such as rigour, quality, timeliness and costs. ALVEY SAMOVIE offers a range of solutions to assist its customers in meeting their performance .