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JUMO is a world leader in the manufacture of thin-film platinum chip sensors. Using platinum as the resistance material guarantees . Primarily use for accurately monitoring all temperature probes used in industrial applications, building technology, and quality assurance. The quality platinum precision RTD temperature is the preferred choice for measurement . Browse our latest platinum- resistance-temperature- sensors offers.

All fittings in contact with the process media undergo a leakage test.

Screw-in Pt1sensors with plug connector. Temperature probe catalogue available on request. Technical data ( general). Jumo Wall Mount PT1RTD Sensor for Indoor and Outdoor installations with a waterproof sensor. Push-in RTD temperature probe with bayonet connection Order Code : . Still not found what you are looking for?

Find alternative products. Statement of conformity. The required range can be configured through the setup program, without sensor simulation and measurement.

Look for more Heating Elements of JUMO. JUMO is your expert partner and manufacturer for industrial sensor technology up to the automation solution for temperature, pressure, and liquids. Thermocouple – calculations. Out of a specified thermoelectric voltage the . De Pt1is een veelvoorkomende temperatuursensor die gebruikt wordt in de meet- en regeltechniek. De Pt1is het sensor element die onderdeel uitmaakt van een weerstandstemperatuursensor.

Van alle industriÃle temperatuurmetingen wordt procent door weerstandstemperatuursensoren met een Pt1element . Pt1resistance thermometers for installation in: – terminal head Form B. Sampling rate continuous measurement because of analog signal path. An important factor for selecting this installation type is its ability to form reliable seals for vacuum and high pressure applications. Delivery address: Mackenrodtstraße 14. Platinum temperature sensor according to DIN.

Connection: two-wire or . The protection tube is reduced to mm, which enables short response times. C and offers 10- bit resolution. This makes its temperature resolution similar to that of the TAS. Abbildung 2-9: Foto der Abbildung 2-10: CAD Darstellung der im Prüfaxialen Strömungsmaschine stand eingebauten axialen Strömungsmaschine Schaufelfuß zur Sensor – anbringung Antriebswelle zur Kabeldurchführung hohl ausgeführt Der Förderstrom wird über ein magnetisch-induktives Durchflussmessgerät erfasst, .