Stihl 880

Find great deals for Stihl Magnum MS 8Chainsaw. Shop with confidence on eBay! The most powerful series-produced chainsaw in the world. We offer this and much more, so check out our website for more details!

Our top model for professionals.

For the most demanding challenges and extreme conditions. Now available with an incredible power-to-weight ratio and new muffler. With easy clean HDfilter and controlled-delivery oil pump. Ideal for regular use when harvesting large timber.

This heavy-duty chainsaw offers maximum power for the most demanding cutting conditions. Robust design and excellent power to weight ratio make this saw ideal for the toughest jobs in the forest. Avbildad med svärd och kedja, levereras som standard utan svärd och kedja. The wrap handle on the MS 8R allows the chainsaw .

Bought a MS 8with the big bar on it. Will only use it a few times a year but if I can find a bar to fit it, I could use it more often. Anybody know where to get one. It has to have the 10mm opening for the bar studs. STIHL MS8HD CHAINSAW 63CM 6. Designed for the big tasks, this chain saw is ideal for felling and bucking large diameter trees.

Buy one if u have the extra $$$$ but use a ms6for full time cutting really you need both 8for conference lol 6to make $$$$$$$$$$$. Strengths: I run a ms6all day days a week I cut about 3cords of firewood a year Oak and Alligator Juniper my 6broke needed a saw ASAP to keep cutting stihl was a week . INHABER DER PRÜFURKUNDE: DLG Prüf-Nr. Andreas Stihl Straße 48. Looking at getting the MS 8Magnum. I want to be able to slab large trees for natural edge tables.

Anyway as I have a lot more of these to do around a high end property I ordered an 8, from my readings I think I . The Stihl MS8the undisputed top chainsaw model. Buy Stihl Chainsaws online from worldofpower. Voimakkain moottorisaha kaikkeen metsätyöhön.

Maailman voimakkain sarjatuotettu moottorisaha.

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