Stretch piercing

How to Stretch a Piercing. Any piercing can be stretched to a larger size. Jewelry sizes are measured in gauges, millimeters, and eventually inches.

Subscribe Like and Share Abonnez vous Aimez et Partagez New Video every week Nouveau Video chaque. There are many different methods of stretching , but they all work toward the same result: increasing the size of your hole. The key to stretching is time.

Stretching, in the context of body piercing, is the deliberate expansion of a healed piercing for the purpose of wearing certain types of jewelry. While all piercings can be . Without having terrible things happen). You are about to embark on an incredible journey. Stretching a piercing is a practice that goes back thousands of years.

The oldest mummified remains ever foun “Otzi” the caveman, had stretched lobes. Jewelry has been found in graves from the very first civilizations. Find out the best and worst ways to stretch a piercing and read advice on how to determine if stretching is the right choice for you.

I remember an ex-girlfriend telling me she needed another cat like a hole in the head. Eventually, I started wondering if any piercings besides the earlobes could be stretched. Quick tips on stretching. Do not use acrylic tapers to stretch your piercing , the graduation is too steep . Do not skip sizes or force jewelry into a piercing. Even if you have a piercing that was pierced to a standard size—generally gauge, gauge, and gauge— you can still stretch your ears to a larger size.

I remember when stretched piercings first hit mainstream America – I was a teenager, swooning over the punk band boys, and thinking to myself, “That is just so undeniably kinky”. Vegetable oil goes funky quickly and petroleum-based lubes such as Vaseline are difficult to remove from skin which may result in the piercing harbouring lots of bacteria. What gauge to start stretching your ears at? A great question that you will need to know when starting to stretch your ears is what size should your first stretch be.

For the majority of people, either gauge or gauge is a good starting point if you have only worn regular earrings. Ear stretching , also known as gauging, has gained popularity in the United States and other Western societies in recent years. In the process of ear stretching , a healed piercing is slowly enlarged using progressively larger pieces of jewelry. Find and save ideas about Stretched ear lobes on Pinterest.

See more ideas about Ear piercings orbital, Piercing chart and Inner conch piercing. Ear Piercings OrbitalRook And Conch PiercingPiercing TattooBody Piercing TatooSmall Stretched Ears Stretched LobesEar Gauge Sizes Small Ear Gauges. Dermal punches do have a place in body modification.

They can be used for large gauge cartilage piercings as well as some implant procedures.

Cartilage can be very hard to stretch and more likely to scar, so a dermal punch allows you to create a large gauge piercing with less risk. It goes without saying .