Texas chainsaw massacre 2003

It was also co-produced by Kim . Based loosely on true events. A group of friends who become isolated in the company of a deadly clan of. Oct A tale of five 20-somethings whose free spirited road trip becomes a terrifying descent into madness. When they find themselves isolated in a rural Texas community, they fall into the clutches of a monstrous clan of Texas cannibals and find themselves being whittled away by the chainsaw -wielding Leather .

There is not a shred of a reason to see it. Those who defend it will have to dance through mental hoops of their own devising, defining its meanness and despair as style or vision or a commentary on our . By the dawn of the new millenium, the world of horror films had shifted from slashers to the supernatural. Eventually, the only survivor has finally come forward to reveal what . Add more and vote on your favourites!

Adams descend to the basement. While they are driving through Texas, Erin starts singing Sweet Home Alabama.

Morgan: Would anybody please make . The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake Leatherface Mask a full head mask with all the scars and stitches that made these remake . Where would the horror genre be today without Ed Gein? The Wisconsin murderer, grave robber, mother lover, dermal mask-maker and grisly interior decorator provided inspiration for . Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Five teenagers pick up a traumatised girl on a lonely road. When she commits suicide in the back of their van, they try to alert the authorities but wind up at the mercy of the extended family of a local mass murderer.

Dec THE UNPOPULAR OPINION is an ongoing column featuring different takes on films that either the writer HATE but that the majority of film fans LOVE. The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Working on a tip, police start to unravel the case of a British former mental patient who hoarded guns and may have links to a famous Texas crime.

Genres: Documentaries, Crime Documentaries, British Movies. Director: Andrew Mackenzie-Betty . Sheriff Hoyt (R. Lee Ermey) carries a Ruger Vaquero as his duty sidearm throughout the film.

I think we shoot a lot of stuff and then . Mar By Andy Patrizio Remakes are such a touchy subject.

The more venerated the film, the more of a blowback if things go badly.