Ventus weather station

Ventus Design is represented in many parts of Europe, with products all of which are produced in factories in top quality. The product range consists among other things of weather stations , barometers, hygrometers, anemometers, digital measuring cup and much more. W9Lonobox – Weather station for your smartphone, tablet or computer Lonobox – Weather station for your smartphone, tablet or computer W9Lonobox Start-kit – Weather station for your smartphone, tablet or computer W9Lonobox Start-kit W8VENTUS Bluetooth Professional weather station W8VENTUS. This advanced weather station has the newest Internet technology.

The weather station receives a detailed days weather forecast from more than 20. The included software gives you the possibility to choose up to four favourite cities from all . Wireless weather station in elegant, minimalist design with local weather information. All information is transmitted wirelessly from the outdoor sensor to main unit. From Ventus , the W1weather station is a fantastic priced unit that comes complete with all the main sensors that any weather enthusiast would want to use for monitoring weather conditions. The W1has a stylish black base unit and an informative display, with a helpful backlight which illuminates blue – ideal if you wish . The Ventus W8will provide any weather enthusiast with a reliable local weather forecast , with its built in barometer the station will predict what the weather will be doing over the next 12/hours.

The main console provides you with all the major weather information, indoor/outdoor temperature, indoor/ outdoor humidity, . Animated win rain and temperature maps, detailed forecast for your place, data from the best weather forecast models such as GFS, ICON, GEM. A stylish aluminium framed weather station showing indoor and outdoor temperature, forecast, and pressure reading, alongwith clock calendar.