Violin pickup

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More than 4current offers . Find great deals on eBay for Violin Pickup in String Instrument Parts and Accessories. There are two different general approaches to violin amplification: Removable pickups that the musician can put on themselves, and permanent pickups, which must be installed by a professional. Whichever approach you choose, one of the best violin pickups that we reviewed below can fill your amplification needs. At Fiddlershop, we offer a range of violin pickups , . FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. A violin pickup can turn an acoustic violin into an electric violin.

Read our reviews on the best options and buy everything you need to complete the gig: amps, preamps, mics, and cables. Great pick-up for using your own favorite instrument at any event or gig with amplification. My more recent journey as to getting a good acoustic violin sound amplified. The thought of installing a violin pickup can be frightening!

The good news is that we have a variety of options to suit your performance needs. Our Violin Pickup is a miniature vibration sensor cast directly into a Superieur Despiau “Two Tree” maple bridge for maximum sensitivity and signal transfer. Furthermore, its selective admittance pattern is aligned so that the signal is . After years of playing a wooden box designed hundreds of years ago, plugging in and turning on and crank it up was an entirely new sensation. When paired with an impedance-matching preamp, such as our Platinum Stage, Platinum Pro EQ or Powerjack, the full potential of the V-2can be . Barbera makes ultra high performance Violin pickups with sensors for each string. Professional Violin Pickups by BTS.

Over the years transducers have been created specifically for the violin (before they were mass produced for the violin transducers for other instruments were adapted for the violin ). The transducer is commonly called the “ pick-up ” because it picks up the sound of the violin. In some cases the transducer is nothing more than . This pickup delivers all the true tonal characteristics of your instrument.