A viscometer (also called viscosimeter) is an instrument used to measure the viscosity of a fluid. For liquids with viscosities which vary with flow conditions, an instrument called a rheometer is used. Thus, a rheometer can be considered as a special type of viscometer.

Viscometers only measure under one flow condition. AMETEK Brookfield provides an accurate, easy-to-use solution for companies that manufacture or process thermoset materials requiring gel time measurements.

Gel coats, resins, and potting compounds are primary example. Brookfield has a reputation of being the world leader in viscosity measurements for over years providing a variety of laboratory viscometers to suit a wide variety of applications. Ensure accurate, repeatable viscosity measurements with this flow cup viscometer test stand for use with PCE-12 PCE-1and PCE-1series flow cup viscometers. For flow curve and yield point determinations, the RheolabQC rotational rheometer sets . Ostwald viscometer , also known as U-tube viscometer or capillary viscometer is a device used to measure the viscosity of the liquid with a known density.

VROC is a hybrid of microfluidic and MEMS technologies that enables small sample volume and high shear rate viscosity measurements. Portable, small sample viscometer , microVISC, is designed for quick, easy, and rapid viscosity measurements.

Full specification and certification information also available online. Manufacturer and supplier of world leading in-line viscosity measurement equipment. Portable viscometers , online process viscometers , lab and more. Since viscosity cannot be measured directly, viscometers are instead used to measure an experimental parameter that is related to . In one version, the time taken for a given volume of fluid to flow through an opening is recorded.

In the capillary tube viscometer , the pressure needed to force the fluid to flow at a specified rate. Used with rotational viscometers to perform measurements on low-viscosity materials. This measurement is used in the Superpave PG asphalt binder specification. The RV test can be conducted at various temperatures, but . The viscosity of Newtonian liquids is most accurately determined by using capillary viscometers. In this measuring method the time that a defined amount of liquid takes to flow through a capillary whose length and diameter are known is measured.

With the industrial manufacture of such precisely calibrated capillary . Measure precisely, quickly and simply the viscosity and flow behavior of liquid and semi-solid test materials using the Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester 550. The HAAKE Viscotester 5is a Searle rotational viscometer for quality control applications. It is designed with a rotational speed preset.

B-One Touch Portable PORTABLE viscometer with carry case.

Designed to directly control viscosity in process tanks or manufacturing workshops without needing to be plugged in . Learn more about viscometers. We enable science by offering product choice, services, process excellence and our people make it happen. Viscosity measuring equipment from Cambridge Viscosity, Inc.