Worm gear

A worm drive is a gear arrangement in which a worm meshes with a worm gear The two elements are also called the worm screw and worm wheel. The terminology is often confused by imprecise use of the term worm gear to refer to the worm, the worm gear , or the worm drive as a unit. Like other gear arrangements, a worm . It is common for worm gears to have reductions of 20: and even up to 300:or greater.

Many worm gears have an interesting property that no other gear set has: the worm can easily turn the gear, but the gear cannot turn the worm.

This is because the angle on . Worm gears are usually used when large speed reductions are needed. The reduction ratio is determined by the number of starts of the worm and number of teeth on the worm gear. But worm gears have sliding contact which is quiet but tends to produce heat and have relatively low transmission efficiency. Compared to other types of gears, worm gears are unique and have very distinctive characteristics and uses.

For a list of common worm gear applications, please see worm gear capabilities. A worm gear system consists of a worm and worm wheel. Find great deals on eBay for Worm Gear in Eclectic Power Transmissions.

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