Agilent 34401a

Keysight Technologies Inc. Shop with confidence on eBay! Its combination ofbench-top and system features makes this multimeter a versatile solution for your measurement needs now and in the future. Convenient Bench-Top Features. Highly visible vacuum-fluorescent display.

Rentals and Accredited Calibration Services Available.

The material contained in this docu- ment is provided “as is,” and is sub – ject to being change without notice, in future editions. Further, to the max- imum extent permitted by applicable law, Agilent disclaims all warranties, either express or implie with regard to this manual and any information contained herein . DMM) is the industry standard. Many engineers do not even evaluate other DMMs . The DMM (digital multimeter) is a very important laboratory instrument.

This section will show you how to make three of the basic measurements: voltage, resistance and current. Digit Digital Multimeter, Refurbished. Product Discontinuance Notice.

The last date this product can be ordered is. One or two button presses give you a wide array of functions such as DC volts, frequency, dB and dBm. In no event shall the author, xDevs.

We are focused at the professional end of the marketplace, primarily working with customers for whom high performance, quality and service are key, whilst realising the cost savings that second user equipment offers. A multimeter gives you the performance you need for fast, accurate bench. DMMs costing many times more.

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To ensure safe operation of the instrument, do not exceed the Protection Limits shown on the front and rear panel, . A high value 5½ digit DMM. A industry leading 6½ digit DMM. Removable handle and bumper for easy rack . The display turns on, it beeps and turn off.

Sometimes the relais are flipping around.

I already checked the Power supplies, everything seems to be ok. High quality measurements with either 5½ digit or 6½ digit resolution. Description: This has been modeled for use in a Rack Mount System.

Rent, lease or buy the Digital Multimeter 6. Request the rental price for the Digital Multimeter 6. Livingston – The Test and Measurement rental . RS-2Interface Commands.