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The marine industry is changing with ever-increasing spee especially when it comes to new demands concerning energy efficiency and environmental protection. It offers marine boilers and heat exchangers, such as steam boilers, waste heat recovery products, hot-water boilers, . Repair for Aalborg boilers. After years of wear and tear, the performance of boiler and waste heat recovery systems can degrade enough to impair operations or cause unplanned shutdowns. We actually make a difference.

Our innovations contribute to everything from reducing COemissions in Russia to making sure tomatoes can grow in desert Australia, via increasing the use of solar power and safely pumping up oil from sunken ships.

Selskabet udvikler, producerer, leverer og servicerer kedler, brændere, varmevekslere og inertgasbrændere til skibe og industrier over hele verden. Desuden har selskabet stigende fokus på udviklingen af grønne teknologier til skibsfarten, som f. The essentials for future foods. Fabricante de caldeiras e aquecedores industriais, assistência técnica industrial, naval e offshore em todo o Brasil e América do Sul. A century of skill in heat supply. They stand for nearly 1years of innovation, from energy-efficient boiler elements to composite boilers and low-pressure thermal fluid systems.

Find vejbeskrivelse , kontaktinfo, regnskabstal, ledelse, bestyrelse og ejere. No other supplier offers such. Produktionen af systemer til rensning af skibes ballastvand flyttes til Aalborg.

Det tal vil stige markant, når produktionen af ballastvand-løsninger kommer til senere i år. Alfa Laval vokser i Aalborg. In the coming years, the marine industry and ship-owners face big challenges as new environmental legislations have special focus on the reduction of emissions from fossil fuels. Here you are able to find important information about the valid DIN certifications or registrations. Tous Énergie Mines, minerais et pigments.

The company, which started in the separation of solutions, now deals in the production of specialized products and solutions for heavy industry. The products are used to heat, cool, separate and transport such products as oil, water, . Industry ‎: ‎Manufacturing, engineering and servi. Bring your mobile on the track and get a complete training log!

An enhanced version of the Aalborg XW, the Aalborg XW-TG (formerly MISSION XW-TG) has been modified to more efficiently utilize the waste energy from large diesel engines, with reduced fuel consumption and COemissions as a result. Like the standard version, it is constructed with . Virksomheden har rødder tilbage til det tidligere Aalborg Værft og har netop fået bygget nyt domicil på den gamle værftsgrund i byens østlige udkant. Det er sket med respekt for fortiden og tro på anvendelsen af moderne teknologi i byggeriet.

Aalborg OL is intended for steam or hot water production, the oil- or gas-fired Aalborg OL (formerly MISSION OL) is supplied as a vertical, two-drum cylindrical boiler. Its furnace, which is built with membrane walls and contains only little refractory material, is shaped to provide optimal combustion conditions.