Clean laser

CleanLASER offers laser beam cleaning and preparation technology for gentle and efficient surface treatment. LASER hits the spot with light to provide unique surface preparation options. High power laser cleaning for rust removal, paint removal, heavy contamination. Our process is being used by most airplane manufacturers and many Tier suppliers.

The adapt laser cleaning method has been established as the most cost-effective and one of the fastest. Our laser cleaning systems allow you to clean molds at their operating temperatures, on-line and in place.

Cleaning Components from Process-Related Deposits. Q- switched lasers with high powers allow the wear-free and selective cleansing of molds and tools from process residues like carbon black, silicone, rubber, vulcanization residues or oils and fat. This treatment is often necessary to prepare the surfaces . We can offer you the right cleaning solution with laser light.

Laser cleaning is a ground-breaking yet tried and tested energy- and material- efficient technology. Laser systems are a highly effective, economic, and ecological alternative to existing conventional technologies. Handheld Class Industrial-Grade Laser parts cleaning, depainting, rust removal, surface conditioning System with up to 2” x 2” of the working envelope ( upgradeable to ″ x 4″) . SPI Lasers Fiber Laser range can be used for a variety of laser cleaning applications.

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From the lab to the plant, the benefits of lasers for surface cleaning of organic material are attracting new applications. While applications for welding, drilling or cutting with lasers have been known for years, laser surface cleaning still is considered a niche technology. Use of ytterbium fiber laser ( laser pulse duration is 1ns) enables efficient removal of different contaminants with minimal impact on base material.

And the great thing is that there is no hoax or camera trickery, this technology does exist! Uses no media, no chemicals, no water. Diode pumped laser source. Green technology – no secondary waste to clean -up or dispose. Robust construction for . Laserclean offers laser cleaning of ceramic rollers (Anilox) by visiting your company with a specialised service truck.

If smoke, resin, or other contaminants are allowed to accumulate too heavily, they will reduce the available laser power and. It may left some yellow or brown dust on you. Also, laser energy can be selectively absorbed by coatings, particularly on metal, so COor Nd:YAG pulsed lasers can be used to clean surfaces, remove paint or coating, or prepare surfaces for painting without damaging the underlying surface. But compared to inkjets – whose innards are often flecked with messy ink residue – laser printers are surprisingly easy to clean , provided you have the right tools and equipment . To ensure the quality of the laser engraving or cutting, you should check and clean the lenses and mirrors regularly.

Offering convenience and easy maneuverability, laser mice are fantastic alternatives to traditional roller-ball mice. To keep a laser mouse in prime condition, however, it must be cleaned whenever it succumbs to excessive smudging or dust buildup. Using a few common cleaning tools that can be found around your office or . From cosmetic surgery and cutting to textiles and various military applications, lasers have many purposes.

There are thousands of types of lasers in existence. The word “ Laser ” started as an acronym for “Light . Looking for effective and comfortable laser tattoo removal in Houston?