Cykelcomputer manual

Place the cycle computer on the bracket and secure it in clockwise. Check the position of the front fork to find. How to mount the magnet. Find out the wheel size.

Secure the Speed Magnet on the spoke of the front wheel with screw. EL BACKLIGHT (OPTIONAL).

Slide the computer onto the mounting bracket until it snaps firmly into position. Press the release button to take out the computer as shown in Fig . Adjust the position of the magnet and sensor, the magnet must pass through the sensor zone, the maximum clearance distance between them is 5mm. If the magnet and sensor are not close enough the computer will not pick up a reading. Once the wheel magnet and transmitter are aligned properly, securely tighten both. Congratulations on your purchase of the dB4L cycle computer by FILZER Enterprises, Inc.

Packed with all the features that a professional rider needs to keep track of during a workout, this computer is a perfect training tool for any cyclist. HOW TO MEASURE WHEEL FACTOR.

Reinstall the battery cap and tighten securely. Note: During a battery change, all data will be cleared from memory. If you are played on will alterna gray butto.

Note 2: Yo you config press the g. Determining Wheel Circumference. ENGLISH FRANÇAIS ESPANOL DEUTSCH ITALIANO. The C-is designed to be the simplest, smallest computer that you can own. The unique Vetta one button design allows . Please read this manual carefully and save it for future reference.

Incite 8i bicycle computer. Wireless Bicycle Computer. Using the wireless bicycle computer , you can measure your speed and distance travelled with a great degree of accuracy. The following items are included: x Digital Readout Computer. A wired cycle odometer can measure distance and speed for relatively low cost.

SunDing SD-546A Bicycle Computer – Manual – Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online. Measurements start automatically when the bicycle is in motion. When the computer is removed from the bracket, press the SSE button on the front and the MODE button . Quick Start manual containing videos can be downloaded.

Setting up the computer. After attaching the computer , rotate the front wheel gently to check that current speed is. Record your average spee trip distance and total riding time with the NERD cycle computer. Robust and easy to use, ideal for the cycling minimalist.

FUNCTION WIRELESS BICYCLE. MANUAL DE CICLOCOMPUTADOR. With your choice of a VDO cycle computer , you have decided to own the most advanced technology available.

To enjoy the full potential of your computer and benefit from all the technical features, we recommend you thoroughly study this manual. You will find crucial hints for its operation as. CY-200W is a premier cycle computer for your challenge ride. With the wireless technology, users can enjoy their cycling.

TOTAL DISTANCE OF BIKE (ODO ):. Holding the A Button for seconds will go to the computer setting mode of wheel size and odometer save function for bike and 2.