Digitalt manometer

Digital portable indicators for the difference between two pressures. They can also be used for single pressure. Some units are constructed of an extruded aluminum case for . Manometers are useful in a wide variety of applications.

HHP-1handheld air pressure manometers are designed for one handed industrial or laboratory use.

The custom molded case allows this manometer to withstand continual heavy use and operation in industrial or humid environments. Each unit has a high contrast liquid crystal display with a backlight feature, which. Compact, multi-functional and high accuracy digital pressure gauge that is easy to use for field measurements.

The MT2can measure pressure with outstanding accuracy, high resolution, minimal tempco, and excellent stability. Stocked LEOgauges are available for next day delivery in ranges of -to bar up to 0-7bar, available with calibration certificates. LEO 2Ei gauges are intri. The Dwyer 4series mark III digital manometer measures positive, negative, or differential pressures of air and natural gases ranging from in w.

Pa) to 1psid (1bar). Buy it and Save at GLOBALindustrial. With the testo 51 performing system tests has never been easier using our single, easy to use, rugge compact digital manometer. Its small form factor, bright backlit display, and magnetic backing will enable the 5to be used in a wide variety of applications. A manometer is used to measure the pressure of liquids or gases.

PCE Instruments (PCE) offers handheld digital manometer products as well as flanged. Isolate difficult pressure problems in natural gas and propane systems. Providing a differential measurement, the DDMaccurately tests for leaks in low pressure gas systems and more.

All TPI manometers feature temperature compensation to ensure reliable, repeatable measurements. Over-pressure protection prevents sensor damage due to inadvertent pressure spikes. Wide input ranges and high resolution increases versatility and performance. The DPI 1is a microprocessor-controlled digital pressure gauge that combines precision and functionality in a compact, robust and simple-to-use package.

DPI 1matches advanced silicon sensor technology with several convenient design features, resulting in an accurate, versatile yet affordable digital test gauge . Shop now or give us a call! Electronic manometers are used to make precision measurements of low pressures. Units are often millitorr, inches of water, mmHg Pa, kPa, mmH2O and more.

Accuracies as high as 0. H2O are available of Gage, Absolute and Differential pressures. Get free shipping when you order online at REED-Direct. In stock, fast shipping! Browse our latest digital-pressure-meters offers. This digital manometer provides accurate measurements in different units of measure and is capable of taking gauge and differential pressure.

A durable, hand hel battery operate digital differential pressure measurement indicator. Measurement increments: 0.