The victims were law enforcement officers and civilians, including law enforcement families and those who were misidentified as the . He attended Norwalk Christian School from the first to the seventh grade. There, he was allegedly the only African-American student and was therefore bullied by his other . During the course of the operation, police officers shot . A six-day hunt for a former policeman suspected of a killing spree in California ended on Wednesday when a cabin in the mountains above LA went up in flames. Dorner is suspected to have killed four people in a .

This week, after a nine- day manhunt, the college graduate was cornered and died in a remote cabin. What made him go bad remains hard to understand. Searchers instead fanned across the countryside, battling ice and win and gradually concluded that Dorner , a former LAPD officer wanted for killing three people in a vendetta against the police force, was probably elsewhere.

Mexico, San Diego, Nevada, downtown LA: tips and reported sightings flowed . He is believed to have killed the daughter of a retired LAPD official and her fiance, and then a police officer and a . When that claim was found to be untrue, the department stripped Dorner of his badge. Still unresolved is that approximately $million reward for actually finding Dorner , not being mistaken for him. And there remain those competing calls for the reward money offered up by officials from multiple cities in Southern California: Two claims have been made: one by a couple who were held .

Alleged cop killer Christopher Jordan Dorner published an 11-page manifesto, apparently seeking to explain or justify murder. Dorner , a former police officer and trained marksman, is now being hunted by police in Los Angeles and across Southern California. Culinary delights, spa facilities and beautiful suites await you! The manhunt for the alleged cop killer ended after a firefight in Big Bear Lake, California. He had a plan and a mission here.

These stories explain what it was like during the surreal manhunt. Christopher Dorner decided he wanted deadly revenge against the police he felt scorned him. Dorner provides the broadest portfolio of precision conveying systems in the . If anyone other than Dorner deserves to be blamed for his violent actions, it is our own modern culture that has for decades been teaching people to think like victims. Studied piano and trumpet (with Malte Burba) at the Musikhochschule, Cologne.

The city of Torrance will pay $1. Was he ever really in Big Bear? Did the Man take him out because he was about to deal out some truth, maaaaan? Or, hell, did he ever really exist at all?

Thetic (Systematic) Theology is that part of the entire system of Theology which has to solve the problem presented by Christian faith itself . Already accused of murdering a basketball coach and her fiance on Sunday — because she was the daughter of one of his enemies — he is additionally accused of shooting three cops, killing one, in the midst of a massive manhunt. Dorner — a Navy-trained shooter who won awards for marksmanship .

In Irvine, California, a newly engaged couple are mercilessly executed in a deserted parking lot.