Ebs handjet

Imagine…… printing…… at any time…… EBS HandJet 260. Imagine printing…… … on any surface……… Take a look at the possibilities… EBS HandJet 260. Our new product is a portable, handhel ultra compact and light INK-JET printer equipped with an electromagnetic valve-based print hea a battery and wireless control.

State of the Art, that is the EBS 2Handjet Portable Printer. Prints large stenciling characters up to 2.

The ebs 2Handjet Printer has a built-in touchscreen and connects to WiFi networks. It is capable of multiple print lines for Product Numbering, Time and Date Stamps, logos and other graphics. Shop with confidence on eBay! Capable of printing stenciling characters up to 2. Inkjet printer is a highly-versatile device designed to label products.

HandJet EBS -2provides reimagined features and functionality for even more innovative, portable coding. Printing on packaging and products has never been easier.

Print on almost any kind of surface. The EBS -2Handjet is ideally suited to printing on concrete products giving a fast, industrial and professional solution for virtually any concrete product. Name of Product: Handjet EBS 260. Feature: Communication with the printer is simple and versatile: via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB. The printer can be logged into an existing WiFi network and operated through the Firefox browser without installing additional software.

Stay organized with the EBS 2Handjet numbering stamp from TimeClockeShop. The HANDJET EBS 2is an innovative product Ink-Jet System. After continual intensive research and further development, we are now able to introduce the fully versatile, cable-free HANDJET EBS 25 thus marking the beginning of a new era in hand-coding. We produce solely in Europe and are represented in countries.

It might be a good time to consider the latest in lightweight, wireless, compact coding: The HandJet series of EBS handheld printers. The EBS series are the latest in the line of handheld coders. Newer features and greater functionality are built in to make your coding tasks even faster to accomplish. Kartonage über Textilien bis hin zu Beton und Metall.

Lernen Sie die große Palette der Möglichkeiten des Handjet EBS-2kennen. Portable ink-jet technology lightweight, compact wireless coding.

The innovative HandJet EBS -2combines the proven success of our EBS -2production line ink-jet system and adds a unique, wireless interface developed through intensive research. It signals a new era in portable, hand-held ink-jet . Distributor for Handjet Printer EBS – 2for India. Handy and flexible yet light in weight to handle. By using solvent-based inks in an array of colors, the HandJet EBS -2pro- vides fast, clean printing on a variety of corrugated materials, in addition to metal, glass and plastic substrates. Various fonts and sizes in one message.

The hand-held system also . EBS 2Handjet taşınabilir yazıcı, patentli teknolojisi ile pahalı etiket, şablon, roller kodlama sistemlerinin yerine temiz ve hızlı kodlama yapmaktadır. This is the world’s first Handjet Printer innovative technology from EBS ink jet systeme, GmbH, Germany. New Imperial Associates Exim P Ltd.

ITS have a large range of EBS HandJet portable manual inkjet printers.