Fischer connectors

Fischer Connectors manufactures high performance push-pull circular connectors and cable assemblies. Check our range of connectors and cable solutions now. Known for their quality and ruggedness, our products prove to be reliable in the most demanding environments. Fischer Core Series – Ideally suited to fulfill any need in terms of size, configuration and application, with over 20references. With this new video, get an overview of this product line, identify the best connectors for its application -specific requirements, and gain insights about relevant technical specifications.

Accessory Mounting Clamp – 1Accessory Mounting Clamp.

Cable Mounted Locking Plugs – AL S 102. It provides metal shells and related components, plastic shells, fiber optic connectors, and rugged flash drives. Join LinkedIn today for free.

It features new videos, application example. For questions on the above products and solutions, please contact us using the form below. Country, Aruba, Afghanistan, Angola . Fischer fiber optic connectors provide the needed quality and stability for high performance optical links.

These rugged fiber optic connectors feature a push- pull latching mechanism for quick mating and de-mating. Available in plug, panel mount receptacle or jam nut receptacle configurations, the connectors are offered in .

Waterproof prosthesis uses Fischer connectors. Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Our connectors are known for their reliability, precision and resistance to demanding and harsh environments. Comprehensive product lines include sterilizable, reusable, hybri as well as cost-effective disposable connectors and wearables.

Our product range comprises over. High-performance, high-reliability solutions are a must in the oil and gas industry to allow the efficient extraction of natural resources, where dependable operation can help prevent costly downtime or accidents. And because we like to protect . Present on the flag : CCI SEINE ET MARNE. Discover other exhibitors.

The Fischer FiberOptic Series includes two or four fiber optic channels in one small high . When a life is on the line, proven and reliable connections are essential. Contact the manufacturer directly. SwissFirms is a directory that promote member companies of the Swiss Chambers of Commerce and supports them in their daily business activities.