Krohne flow meter

Electromagnetic flowmeter for basic applications with conductive liquids. KROHNE is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of solutions in industrial process instrumentation: flow meters, level meters, temperature meters, pressure meters, analysis instruments. Coriolis mass flowmeter for advanced process applications. The ALTOSONIC Vsets new standards for accuracy and cost efficiency.

The flowmeter has twelve measurement chords of which two are reserved exclusively for diagnostic functions. ALTOSONIC Vcompensates turbulence and therefore guarantees reliable measurement even with turbulent flow profiles.

The optimum meter for demanding mass flow and density measurement applications of fluids, gases and solids. Krohne H250-RR Variable Area Flow Meter. Rugge all-metal design ensures high resistance to pressure, temperature and media.

Their range of electromagnetic flow meters is extensive and if your fluid is conductive they will have an electromagnetic meter to measure it! The range starts with a basic wafer mount meter and ends with a non-wetted electrodes meter which is fully ceramic lined providing stable . Discover the flow meter product range of KROHNE. Contact the manufacturer directly.

A remote digital readout in the tractor cab gives the operator instant reading of gallons per minute and total gallons pumped for an accurate application rates per acre. This meter can be set for gallons or liters .

Magnetic Flow meters, VA Meters, Vortex meters, Flow. Presentation on the Topical Report. Describing the KROHNE ALTOSONIC V flowmeter. Application in pressurized water reactors for measuring the feed water mass flow rate.

PCE assembles all systems with a KROHNE flow meter on the lead pump and another on the applicator tractor. Through LightSpeed the operator in the application tractor can see a side-by-side verification of flow, pressures from each pump unit, and the pit level, ensuring the system is operating safely, securely, and . KROHNE has unique expertise when it comes to flow measurement. Many of their products are considered the standard for many industries. Users around the world benefit.

Several levels lead you directly to the correct instrument. The implemented logic excludes non-relevant choices, the resulting instrument is accurately configured for your needs. The expert system considers all factors, and you can experience how this intelligent system . Its manufacturing plant in Wellingborough is where the award winning OPTIMASS range of mass flowmeters is produced. KROHNE Ltd also provides a full range of engineering and sales services for the complete KROHNE.

This mass flowmeter is designed for the direct measurement of mass flow rate, product density and product temperature. Indirectly, it also enables the measurement of parameters like total mass, concentration of dissolved substances . If you are interested in learning more about our Flow Measurement Devices, do not hesitate to contact us to . OPTICHECK flowmeter verification tool, providing in -situ verification for mass and other flowmeters. The OPTICHECK enables operators to perform preventive maintenance and responsive service to ensure that installed flowmeters are performing to specification.

All parameters are configure .