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You order for goods online, then on arrival, they tell you to pay DHL for delivery and after paying, they would refund you. Mind you, they would not. DHL would collect money from you, but no goods to deliver, and when you want to claim a refund from DHL, they would tell you they can`t. DHL and Light in the Box collaborate.

I made a request to the lightinthebox support. Described my problem in detail, described the problems listed above, and asked me to solve the problem.

I sent them a photo of the parcel with the attached act, and their reaction was zero. They told me the complete nonsense that your parcel will arrive, wait again. So first customer service told me to wait for days.

Also, closed the first ticket . This additional cost was never mentioned in the purchase page and the buyer was never told that they would be charged an additional by the shipping company. The read cost of the item is in fact 1 of what they quoted as the purchase price. If we have known that the cost was too high, we would . Når toldklareringsprocedurer er nødvendige, kan det medføre forsinkelser, der overskrider vores originale leveringsberegninger.

Du bedes bemærke at vi ikke er i stand til at beskrive varer . Pluses: Lure good people. I have told the company multiple times that I was going to write a bad review and now I am. Ordered cell signal booster on the 6th of december and it has yet to arrive (days ago) i am rural but they told me 3-business days.

Jun Light In The Box review rated 1. Images: My boyfriends birthday passed the first week of June and we decided to throw him a party that weekend. Roberto Preatoni 6:yes i know now please, dont tell me that you refunded me because it’s not, i didn’t get any refund. Roberto Preatoni 6:no. Lightinthebox Jack Lu 6:your order has been cancelled. Pinacolada sagde: Det kan da ikke passe?

Altså der kommer jo porto oveni, men told bliver vel regnet ud fra det beløb man køber for? Ja, men du skal også huske at regne toldgebyret med der ligger på 160kr ligemeget hvor meget du køber for. Da jeg ikke selv havde pengene på daværende tidspunkt købte min kæreste dem til mig som en overraskelse. Han kom til at betale omkring 5kr.

Danger happens here. May Re: LIght in the box. Sellers are not responsible for your customs charges, you are responsible for importing items into your country.

If you buy from a shop abroad and then get charged customs charges at the airport then you would not expect that shop to have told you about it would you? I did this about times and every time they told me the same thing. Here is your tracking number (tracking number here) your package should be there shortly.

I tried tracking the package and the postal service said that tracking number did not exist. So i wrote another ticket and yep, you guessed it, they said the same thing . I loved it and never had any complaints. My naive dream was to work for them until I got old. I was told an hour before my shift ended.

April and they said 20days delivery. I waited a few more days and next they tell me to wait. I have contacted my bank and they are refunding the . Jan I came to Trustpilot before purchasing from Light In The Box , saw horrific. I visse tilfælde pålægges der MOMS eller andre afgifter, toldafgifter eller særlige gebyrer af dit destinationsland.

Det er hovedsageligt kopivarer de sælger på deres site, dertil forglemmer de også at nævne told , moms osv. Deres varer sendes typisk fra Kina, deraf garanti for kopivarer fremfor hvad du egentlig vil have. Jeg havde holdt mig til .