Non woven swabs

Close knit weave of fabric provides excellent wound release with no snagging on sutures or wound debris. The close knit weave of fabric provides excellent wound release with no snagging on sutures or wound debris. The sterile variants are supplied in large opening lip pouches that enable easy opening and . Standard Sales Conditions . They have four times the absorbency of conventional cotton gauze and are low linting.

Non Woven Swab Ply x 10cm (200): Amazon.

Multiple Sizes Available. The fabric is folded to the compress form in four layers. It is characterized by better wicking of liquids than the classic gauze swabs.

It allows for easier handling when cutting. For New Zealand customers only. Sofsorb soft, close fibre construction swabs provide efficient wet friction ideal for debriding and cleansing of surface wounds. This product is highle absorbant and gental on the skin.

They have a standard Viscose – Polyester fibre mix, with a 30gsm weight. These swabs provide improved strength, absorbency, and scrubbing texture compared to traditional cotton gauze swabs.

Click to Buy Online via Benecare Direct . Good quality, non – woven swabs , very useful for sports first aid. These are square pads of absorbent material and can be used to clean wounds, as an absorbent dressing, to pad and protect injuries, to apply antiseptic, soak up spills and more. Pack a few of these in your touchline first aid kit, especially for sports . Surgical non – woven swabs. Non – woven swabs of viscose and polyester, highly absorbent. Without any binder and latex free.

Composition: viscose – polyester. Comparing non – woven , filmateci and woven gauze swabs. Thomas S(1), Loveless P(2), Hay NP(3), Toyick N(4). Author information: (1)Director.

Section hea physical and chemical testing. A soft, close-fibre construction swab providing efficient wet friction, suitable for debriding and cleansing of surface wounds. Virtually lint-free this swab provides excellent conformability and thermal insulation. Ideal for cleaning wounds. SPLIT DRAINAGE SWAB NON-WOVEN, SPLIT DRAINAGE DRESSING 7. MULTISORB SWABS 5cmx5cm, GAUZE SWAB NON WOVEN 10cmx10cm, NILLIN NON-WOVEN BALLS, MULTISORB SWABS 10cmx10cm,.

Steroswab sterile non – woven swabs cushion and protect the wound and prevent dryness in an open wound. They can be used to clean and cover minor wounds, to absorb secretion and to treat secondary healing wounds.

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