Pinch valve

A pinch valve is a full bore or fully ported type of control valve which uses a pinching effect to obstruct fluid flow. There are a few types of pinch valves based upon application. Pinch valves used for fluids usually . Actuation of the valve is accomplished by air or hydraulic pressure placed directly on the elastomer sleeve. The valve body acts as a built-in actuator, eliminating costly hydraulic, .

A heavy-duty, rugged pinch mechanism positions the sleeve, resulting in accurate flow control. The pinch valve is the simplest valve design on the market, and has many benefits over conventional type valves. Most other valve types are unable to handle fluids with high concentrations of solids due to the particles often jamming the metal parts and clogging up the valve. Our patented elastomer tube fold design prevents stretching and extends the sleeve life to result in valves that last. We provide proven engineered solutions to our customers.

VZQA-NO with silicone diaphragm. Normally closed or normally open?

Now the choice is yours. The VZQA pinch valves will. The sleeve is the only valve part exposed to line flui significantly reducing the incidence mechanical component breakdown. Onyx Valve is the leader in the design of heavy duty final control elements. Our products are ideally designed to handle all types of slurry services.

Onyx features both drop tight on-off and modulating duty pinch valves. Along with the economic cost of these products, comes the ease of maintenance. Product portfolio expanded to Slurry Knife Gate Valves. Larox Flowsys Oy is established. Valves for shut-off and control applications for demanding process conditions in mining, minerals and waste water treatment for example.

Only the easily replaceable tubing comes into contact with the flui making this style of valve ideal for applications requiring frequent changes of the flow path. Applications range from dirty abrasive industrial slurries and powders to hygienic food and pharmaceutical applications. The only wetted material is the tubing, therefore cleanliness of the flow path can be maintained and cross-contamination avoided through exchanging tubing after use.

ROSS pinch valves are designed for a wide range of applications in the field of industrial automation. Richway pinch valves are the best value in valves.

PREMAFLEX pinch valves are pneumatic shut-off devices for liqui viscous, granular, contaminate fibrous and aggressive substances. Our pinch valves have proven themselves in many different and diverse industry sectors for many years. They are reliable, robust and inexpensive and available in a wide range of. The New M6series is designed to serve a broad range of low volume flow pneumatic pinch valve applications that bring a new range of compactness and affordability. OD for wide selection array of . The ARTeSYN (APV) Arterial Process Valve is the newest innovation for your single use or frequently changed process applications.

It has the fewest product contact components possible in a valve : One! Quick change out of the process elements in various customizable configurations means you are guaranteed the . They are abrasion and corrosion resistant, non-clogging, maintenance free, and can even seal drop tightly around solids.