Plastic sea

Oceans-choked-plastic-bottles-bags-. These pictures are unlikely to make it into the glossy tourist brochures that sell the Caribbean as a paradise destination. For they show the much grimmer reality of clear blue seas increasingly choked by a tide of discarded plastic.

In one photograph taken near Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras, . Caroline Power, who specialises in underwater photography, has dedicated her career to highlighting the damage plastic waste is doing . A sea of plastic : Shocking images show how bottles, bags and rubbish are choking our oceans In one.

The giant build-up of waste taking over the Caribbean. This has to stop – this is what a photographer had to say after capturing shocking images of a blanket of plastic waste engulfing large sections of the sea near an idyllic Caribbean island. Underwater photographer Caroline Power made the jaw-dropping discovery in the Caribbean Sea near the island of Roatan , off the . These sickening photos of a sea of plastic filled with takeaway containers and carrier bags reveal the untold damage that humans are doing to the planet.

The snaps were taken off an idyllic island in a region that is usually compared to paradise. But the sea is hidden under a seemingly endless layer of . The statistics are pretty shocking, but nothing speaks louder than seeing the reality for yourself. These shocking images were captured by photographer Caroline Power . Scientists found traces of manmade fibres and plastics in the stomachs of sea creatures living at the bottom of the deepest ocean on Earth, in a concerning world first.

We hear about the issue of ocean plastic a lot, but these new photographs demonstrate just how pervasive the pollution is. Following the terrifying statistic that plastic has been found in the stomachs of sea creatures living SIX MILES below the surface, Ben Fogle argues we must act now. Sustainable fashion is a must in the Eyewear industry.

Full-scale deployment will remove of the North Pacific gyre debris in years. Protection of fish, environment, nature and oceans is important. Save the sea with Amanprana. No plastic , no fish oil, no climate change. Plastic Free Seas is a Hong Kong based non profit organisation dedicated to advocating change in the way we all view and use plastics in society today, through education and action campaigns.

Sea Education Association ( SEA ) is conducting a research expedition to examine the accumulation of plastic marine debris that accumulates in a narrow latitude band centered on ~27°N in the western North Atlantic. Last year, a nonprofit organization called The Ocean Cleanup raised $2. Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Now you can season your plastic -contaminated fish with plastic -contaminated sea salt.

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Kibbutz-based Infimer seeks to alleviate $billion-a-year cost of plastics pollution.

A ground-breaking global study was released by the journal Science last week. The deep sea is not only the ultimate sink for any material that descends from the surface, but it is also inhabited by organisms well adapted to a low food environment and these will often eat just about anything. Scientists have discovered plastic pollution lying on remote frozen ice floes in the middle of the.

Lets end plastic pollution by banning plastic bags and micro beads. Together we can create a Plastic Free Sea. New study looks at whether marine plastic pollution should be considered as a component of chemical pollutants in planetary boundaries framework.