Spiral heat exchanger

Welded spiral heat exchangers. The self- cleaning features inherent in the design, give unparalleled uptime between service intervals and quick and easy service turn-around. When it’s finally time for maintenance SHEs are considerably easier than shell-and-tubes to open and clean.

Alfa Laval – spiral heat exchangers severe fouling. The bottom line is substantial savings in terms of reducing downtime.

Energy savings due to waste heat recovery. The plate gap in spiral heat exchanger flow channels is normally maintained by welded spacer studs. The spiral plate heat exchanger is made by rolling two long metal plates around a center core to form two concentric spiral flow passages, one for each fluid. Type A Spiral in both circuits, removable heads on both sides for clean out. With a Type A, both fluids are in spiral flow and in true counter flow.

Used for fouling flows on both sides where cleaning of the prime surface is required. Example: bottoms to feed interchanger.

Jump to Spiral heat exchangers – Schematic drawing of a spiral heat exchanger. A modification to the perpendicular flow of the typical HCHE involves the replacement of shell with another coiled tube, allowing the two fluids to flow parallel to one another, and which requires the use of different design calculations. Spiral-shaped heat exchangers are not a new idea. Ideal for everything from dirty fluids to high vacuum condensation.

May The spiral heat exchanger is one of several types of industrial heat exchangers. It is constructed from long metal strips wound spirally around a split center to create two concentric spiral channels, one for the cold fluid and one for the hot fluid. This design creates a cylindrical overall shape and makes it a . In fact, the Spiral concept was first proposed as long ago as the 19th century. Since that time, acceptance . The spiral channels provide optimum heat transfer and flow conditions for a wide variety of fluids, while keeping the overall size to a minimum.

In our three main types can be more customized to match for the demands associated with a lot of liquid . Apr In this article, the performance and applications of a Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger are demonstrat- ed. Spiral Heat Exchanger has two concentric spiral channels, one for each fluid. Also, governing equation of heat transfer phenomena in such heat exchangers is discussed.

Regarding the governing equations, a LAB-sized model of this type of heat exchanger was designed. Recommended Applications: The Sondex spiral heat exchanger is designed for demanding fluids and very high viscosities.

A large variety of fluids can be suitable e. A spiral tube heat exchanger is a coil assembly fitted in a compact shell that optimizes heat transfer efficiency and space. Every Sentry spiral assembly has welded tube to manifold joints for durability and strength. The coil assembly is welded to a head and fitted in a compact shell. The spaces or gaps between the coils of . Get expert to your questions in Heat Exchangers , Applications, Space and Heat Transfer and more on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.

An analytical investigation of heat transfer in a counterflow spiral plate heat exchanger is the subject of this study. To evaluate the thermal performance of this heat exchanger , a new dimensionless criterion number CN is proposed. For any heat capacity rate ratio and for an arbitrary (even) number of turns one uniform, . Tranter HES originated from the acquisition of HES GmbH.

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