Stihl ms 391 manual

Manual de instrucciones. STIHL reduced kickback bar and STIHL. Para reducir el riesgo de lesionarse como. To reduce the risk of kickback injury use.

This manual very useful in the treatment and repair.

By having a reliable repair manual you not only save money but get to . Shop with confidence on eBay! Sie können ebenfalls Bedienungsanleitung online lesen ohne es auf Ihren PC herunterzuladen. Also equipped with Bumper Spikes to help prevent pull-in and provide better control, making cutting easier. Los símbolos gráficos existentes en la máquina están explicados en este manual de instrucciones. En función de la máquina y el.

FREE page images or download full PDF to print or view on all suitable devices. With its compact construction, efficient M-tronic engine management system, extremely low weight and fantastic manoeuvrability, it is great to handle .

Qué es Protección Civil Ribadesella? Depending on the machine and equipment version, the following pictograms may appear on the machine. Engineering improvements. Bar lengths: 1 1 in. STIHL has developed a system for minimizing the vibration levels of handheld.

Always read the instruction manual carefully before using your saw. STIHL travaille constamment sur le développement technique et ergonomique des produits. Pour certains modèles plus . Not a great Stihl fan, however they usually have a single stop start, choke and half throttle lever, depress the throttle trigger and at the same time pull the lever fully uplet go of the throttle trigger which should now be lock up, this will engage the part throttle and choke, crank the machine until it fires once, then . Tronçonneuse thermique idéale pour la coupe du bois de chauffage et les constructions en bois. Avec système de filtre à air longue durée garantissant la longévité du filtre, moteur 2-MIX économique, soupape de décompression assurant un processus de démarrage en douceur. Carburetor leakage test at gauge pressure: 0. Operation of tank vent at gauge pressure: 0. Fuel: as specified in instruction manual.

Air gap between ignition module and fanwheel: 0. Spark plug (suppressed):.