Talurit presse

High quality steel for strength and long service life. Don´t forget to check out our new LKA 28-UL that is a combination of our popular automatic cutting machine LKA 28-PS and a coiling machine. To download the Product Catalogue press HERE. It is possible to press aluminium clamps for wire rope sizes up to 1mm (5). We produce and distribute products complementing the mechanical splicing of wire ropes.

The disadvantage of this method is that the machines are expensive and will accommodate only up to certain size of wires.

Dies are fabricated in different block sizes to fit our various swagers. The smallest swager use block size A and the largest swager use L. The talurit is a ferrule of German origin with an oval section, as opposed to the figure-eight section of the American nico- press. The difference in the sections is no accident: the talurit needs pressing only once, regardless of the diameter of the cable, with a compression tool whose jaws reduce the original section of the . EA,PC, MARITIME MARKETING ASSOC.

Equipment, 5 Dies for swagers Dies. A termination performed correctly with TALURIT aluminium turnback ferrules will normally withstand a tensile strength of of the minimum-breaking load (MBL) of the wire rope. Verifying tests should always be done in order to find out the strength.

TECNI stocks suitable pressing tools to ensure safe crimping.

Test beds are supplied in cooperation with their American partner Chant Engineering. Three bulldog clips were put to each eye. The Chilean navy lent us tools, repaired our outboard motor and even.

The seals may need replacing however it works ok. I am looking for £3ono, taking it to the Kent boat jumble on Sunday if you want to look at it. Only selling as I have purchased a larger one that will do bigger wires. Each sleeve size needs its own press tool.

Please indicate desired size . Talurit Press Tool mm. A talurit swaged sleeve is used in a mechanical splicing system, to make an eye splice in a steel wire rope. The most common and useful type of end fitting for a wire rope is to turn the end back to form a loop.

A thimble can be installed inside the loop to preserve the natural shape of the loop and protect the cable from . Marked K and KH (also TKH for ferrules). Used for pressing of TKH ferrules with inspection holes. With blind taps they can also be used as the above mentioned conical dies for other ferrules. Patented solution and required in most standards for conical pressed ferrules.

Til splejsning af stålwire tilbydes et bredt program. Cylindrical Press Dies, straight or one sided rounding.

The T- ferrule is the original splicing ferrule in. Ferrules and Tools from the TALURIT brand. Thanks to the special design it is allowing for a smaller outer diameter after pressing (DAP).

Vi har det du behöver Kontakta gärna oss för mer info och prisuppgifter. Dieser Artikel ist in unterschiedlichen Ausführungen verfügbar. Bitte wählen Sie untenstehend die . Important: tonne press will require multiple presses (multibite) to compress fitting. Recommended machines for this purpose are e. For further information .