Testo 174h

H-minilogger-vlagnosti-i-temperaturi ООО. Browse our latest data-loggers offers. The mini data logger for temperature and humidity, testo 174H , is ideal for monitoring temperature and humidity sensitive goods in storage.

The testo 174H also monitors building climate, continuously, securely and unobtrusively. The free software ComSoft testo 1allows fast programming of the data logger .

Testo 174H Mini Data-Logger, Dual-Channel. IF you have already installed a ComSoft version (e.g. ComSoft VBasic) on the computer, you can also use this with the loggers testo 174T and testo 174H after the installation of ComSoft testo 174. H – temperatuurdatalogger.

De testo 174H datalogger meet en registreert de temperatuur en relatieve vochtigheid. H mini data logger is a compact temperature humidity data logger which is widely used in the numerous industries all over the world that require condition monitoring. Datenlogger für Temperatur und relative Luftfeuchte.

Auch das Gebäudeklima kontrolliert der testo 174H kontinuierlich, sicher und unauffällig. Einfaches Auslesen der Daten und Übertragung auf den PC über .

Also find here related product comparison. It provides reliable and economical temperature and humidity monitoring of products in storage and transport. The capacitive humidity sensor measuring range from to 1RH . FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Reliable humidity and temperature monitoring for indoor climate conditions in warehouses, production and process areas, even confined spaces. Great for measuring and documenting building or laboratory conditions.

The free ComSoft software allows for fast programming and easy analysis. Get free shipping when you order today on Testo-Direct. H is ideal for monitoring temperature- and humidity- sensitive goods in storage.

Ideal for monitoring storage areas and refrigeration as well as living and working conditions. The testo 1H mini data logger allows you to monitor temperature and humidity sensitive goods– including foods, archives or metal parts that are susceptible to surface rust – or carry out discreet humidity checks in buildings. Save $get plusfree shipping when you order online at ITM. Especificaciones para este producto.

Get fast delivery when you buy now from GlobalTestSupply. In stock, fast shipping! These reliable mini data loggers monitor the climatic conditions in warehouses, offices and in the manufacturing sector.

They are placed beside the product e. Dlouhodobě stabilní integrované senzory v dataloggeru testo 174H spolehlivě a bezpečně snímají teplotu a relativní vlhkost v měřeném okolí. For monitoring climatic conditions, for example in storage, in offices and in production areas.