Infrared temperature sensor

An internal 17-bit ADC and a powerful DSP contribute to t. IR temperature sensors of the thermoMETER series incorporate state-of-the-art technology to achieve one goal: High precision and non-contact temperature measurements. With this metho the infrared thermoMETER measures on the target precisely, wear-free and without any physical effect or impact. Used in applications where the sensor must be isolated from the measurement surface.

PSC-Series Self contained 2-color sensor with thru lens, laser, . Factory calibrated high accuracy digital thermopile sensor for non-contact temperature measurement in a TO39.

TE thermopile infrared sensors provide reliable non-contact temperature measurement solutions. Infrared temperature sensors sense electromagnetic waves in the 7nm to 10nm range. These sensors work by focusing the infrared energy emitted by an object onto one or more . This permits temperature measurement from a distance without contact with the object to be measured.

A non-contact infrared thermometer is useful for measuring temperature under circumstances where thermocouples or other probe-type sensors cannot be used or do not produce accurate data for a variety of reasons. Both the IR sensitive thermopile detector chip and the signal conditioning chip are integrated in the same package. This module communicates with Arduino using SMBus,up to 1sensors can be read via . One of the most comprehensive ranges of infrared temperature sensor products in the world today are offered in the category of measurement and sensing products driven by temperature technologies.

These include high temperature thermistors, gauge drivers, sensors, and elements.

Amphenol Advanced Sensors. Remote temperature sensing for your Arduino! This is our special version of the industrial infrared remote thermometer units with an onboard power supply, communication support and a software library and examples . High quality, cost effective, fixed-mount temperature measurement solutions for industrial, benchtop, laboratory and education applications. Find all the manufacturers of infrared temperature sensor and contact them directly on DirectIndustry.

Non-contact temperature sensors. Simply point the sensor . Our brochure categorises the sensors into several different product groups, each design for specific applications of requirements. The Raytek CM IR temperature sensor is designed for continuous temperature monitoring in a broad range of manufacturing processes and OEM applications.

This sensor provides the advantages of infrared temperature measurement in a powerful, compact, integrated sensor. The CM sensor can easily replace traditional . The OMEGA OSSeries infrared temperature sensors offer intelligence in a rugge easy to use package. The OSis centered around a high-speed microprocessor that continously monitors and adjusts the complete system.

Requires an interface and software, sold separately. While performing the complex. The Infrared Thermometer is a non-contact, fast-responding temperature measuring device.

The sensor works by measuring infrared radiation emissions. Find product specific information including CAS, MSDS, protocols and references. The ThermaTwin TN410LCE Handheld Infrared Thermometer is a professional laser thermometer with advanced temperature processing.

It also has a built-in socket that accepts commercially available . Infrared Temperature Sensors : Please select a product below: TN410LCE ThermaTwin TN410LCE Handheld Infrared.