Jumo temperature sensors

Searching for a wireless temperature sensor ? Visit our overview page for wireless temperature sensors. Platinum temperature sensors in thin-layer technology (also known as thin-film sensors) promise excellent accuracy and long-term stability. To keep this promise , JUMO relies exclusively on Germany for our annual production of several million temperature sensors.

The tough requirements are met by highly-qualified. JUMO is a world leader in the manufacture of thin-film platinum chip sensors.

Using platinum as the resistance material guarantees . JUMO is your expert partner and manufacturer for industrial sensor technology up to the automation solution for temperature , pressure, and liquids. Products – JUMO Temperature Sensors at Farnell element14. Competitive prices from the leading JUMO Temperature Sensors distributor. Presenting the top of the line brand of JUMO comes Precision RTD Temperature Probe.

Temperature is one of the most commonly measured physi- cal measurands throughout the world. JUMO is one of the market leaders in the sector for tem- perature sensor technology. We have been manufacturing platinum-chip temperature sensors in complex production processes for years. High standards are already .

Browse our latest platinum- resistance- temperature – sensors offers. Ideal for high Humidity areas, withstands water wash down. Read about company and get contact details and address. Parshvi Technology – Offering Jumo Platinum-chip Temperature Sensors ( element) in Ahmedaba Gujarat. New JUMO Temperature Sensor with Gold-Plated Connection Wires.

More safety during soft soldering. For most applications that can be found on the market, platinum-chip temperature sensors are used for temperature acquisition. Today JUMO temperature sensors are used in many areas of industry and services where they guarantee consistent, high quality in products. The screw-in RTD temperature probe, which has a compact design, consists of a sheath with an integrated temperature sensor , a process connection, and an attached housing for the transmitter electronics. The built-in programmable 2-wire transmitter converts the resistance value into a current signal.

In addi- tion, our own temperature sensor thin film manufacturing strengthens our proficiency even more. Platinum-chip temperature sensors belong to the category of temperature sensors that incorporate thin-film techniques. They are produced at JUMO under clean-room conditions using state-of-the-art technology. A platinum layer, which constitutes the active layer, is sputtered onto a ceramic substrate and subsequently .