An osmometer is a device for measuring the osmotic strength of a solution, colloi or compound. There are several different techniques employed in osmometry: Vapor pressure depression osmometers determine the concentration of osmotically active particles that reduce the vapor pressure of a solution. The A2O is the premier multi-sample osmometer offered by Advanced Instruments.

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In a freezing point depression osmometer , a sample of serum is introduced to a cooling chamber where it is cooled to a temperature below its expected freezing point. The sample is stirred with a wire, which causes the sample to become partially crystallized.

The heat generated from this process brings the sample to a. When the osmometer was set up, the solution in the beaker was hypotonic relative to the solution in the dialysis bag, hence, the net movement of water is into the bag. As the water moves into the bag, pressure is generated forcing water up the column. The pressure at any given moment is simply the height of . Looking for online definition of osmometer in the Medical Dictionary?

Meaning of osmometer medical term. What does osmometer mean? Definition of osmometer in US English – an instrument for demonstrating or measuring osmotic pressure. This supplement to Chapter will provide information on laboratory instrumentation that is used to measure serum or urine osmolality.

The instrument used to do this is an osmometer. The science of measuring osmolality is called osmometry. Get a quote for an osmometer from some of the biggest suppliers in the life science industry. A method is described for determining brain osmolality with a vapor pressure osmometer. This instrument measures dew point temperature depression of a solution in vapor equilibrium in a closed chamber.

The principles of vapor pressure osmolality measurement suggest that it may have some advantages over freezing . The Thermistor also needs careful handling as any cracks that may occur will . Osmometer definition, an instrument used in osmometry. Features include USB Connectivity, Touch Screen and much more contact Gallay today for a quote!