Stretching tapers

Start stretching your lobes today with some tapers for ears. Low prices and free shipping on orders over $online. A taper is going to help you safely stretch your ear over time.

This will help keep the stretch clean . Rock our Gauges, Tapers and Plugs!

Buy BodyJ4You Stretching Kit Black Taper Stainless Steel Black tone Tunnel Plug 00G-20mm Big Gauges Set 24PC: Shop top fashion brands Tapers at Amazon. FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases. Find out more about the ear stretching process, and how the items at PlugYourHoles. We have the stretching tapers that you need online.

Straight and curved ear stretchers and tapers , in surgical steel and acrylic. Also some products to help you make a healthy stretch and maintain your lobes in top condition. People have different ways of stretching their ear lobes.

Please read our page how to stretch your ears for more information. If you are starting from . Items – Acrylic Glitter Taper Manufacturer logo LAST CHANCE OFF $1. Stretching Tapers – This section features a selection of stretched ear jewellery which we classify as stretching tapers.

We separate stretched ear jewellery into three categories – plugs, tunnels and stretching tapers or stretchers. Other heavy gauge items such as thick rings and bars can be worn in ears too. Kit includes pairs of acrylic plugs 00g-8g PLUS tapers. Top quality acrylic plugs and tapers.

Cool lava swirl double flare plugs and tapers with double o-rings. Tapers are primarily tools as opposed to everyday ear jewelry. They are used to perform the actual stretching and should be replaced with jewelry within a few hours. Even though many of the tapers you can buy are very attractive they simply are not designed for long term wear as there is a danger that the weight of a taper.

G (mm), 12G (2mm), 10G (mm), 8G (mm), 6G (4mm), 4G (5mm), 2G ( 6mm), 0G (8mm) – qty of each size. Stretching your ears can be expensive but with these stretching kits you get a great deal. Using tapers (sometimes called ear stretchers) is probably the most common method to stretching your lobes.

Find out how to stretch ears with tapers by following the steps below.

You can save a bunch of money by buying a kit instead of purchasing . How fast should I stretch ? Before discussing stretching methods, it is important to discuss proper increments. You should only ever increase the size of your lobe by the smallest amount available. So if you are using tapers , 1mm-2mm at a time.