Usb temperature sensor

Specification: Supply API function for all of win OS Email, remote view. Data record to file, dynamic curves, alarm. With Num Lock Caps Lock, can directly read temperature through excel or other text files, this function supports DOS, Windows, Linux, MAC Powered by USB port of your PC Mini size, portable.

Keynice Digital Thermometer, Temperature Sensor USB Power Supply, Fahrenheit degree and…. TOOGOO(R) Gold TEMPer PC Laptop USB Sensor.

SIENOC TEMPerHUM PC Laptop USB Sensor Thermometer Temperature Data Logger Recorder. Working temperature: -40°C ~ 120°C. USB Thermometer Sensor Temperature Data Logger Tester For PC Laptop Mac Computer.

With numLock capsLock, can directly read. May While not a new device, only recently I became interested in getting a USB temperature sensor that works well with Linux. Channel Compact USB Temperature and Humidity Logger.

External TSP-TH Sensor Included).

The IR- USB infrared temperature sensor provides a reliable and economical method for most noncontact temperature monitoring applications. Each unit is factory calibrated to provide excellent sensitivity, fast response, and stability. The Yocto-Temperature is a USB temperature sensor : it will let you measure the temperature via a USB connection, as well as record the ambient temperature on its internal flash for later retrieval when connected again by USB. This tiny USB thermometer is ideal for monitoring the temperature of a computer or server room.

TEMPer1F thermometer is a measurement device using USB port to connect to a computer. It has a outter sensor with waterproof functions. It can measure the temperature of the machine and the environment accurately.

It must be connect to the computer to start working. The DirecTemp USB thermometer puts you in control of the temperature data you need. Connect your DirecTemp using a plug and play or serial USB connection , and stream temperature data with easy to use software. Browse our line of DirecTemp sensors to find the probe style that best meets your sensing needs. Temp directly into your computer or Chromebook USB port to start collecting real-time temperature data.

C from freezing to boiling (0°C to 100°C). APPLICATION: Computer room, weather, environment and special environment temperature testing. The USB interface makes this sensor easy to install.

The software monitors the temperature and humidity, storing the readings to an Access or Microsoft SQL server database.

The included software takes temperature readings, records them, and graphs them. Set temperature for Fahrenheit or Celsius, and adjust the intervals at which temperature . TEMPerUSB Temperature Sensor Dual Thermometer. Buy USB Temperature Sensor with Probe – PCSensor TEMPer1F at Walmart.

Using the sensor outside this range may destroy it. When temperature falls below 0°C, the USB cable should not be dejected to avoid damage of the cable cover.