Wika manometer

WIKA is a world leader in the manufacture of mechanical pressure measuring instruments (pressure gauges). Whether you want to measure up to 0. We offer you the right pressure gauge for each industry and each measuring requirement: . Check out our wide range of products. AxFlow er distributør av WIKA , en av verdens største produsenter av mekanisk trykkmåling (manometre).

Scale range must be selected in relation to the highest total pressure applied!

In heating plants with circulating pumps, the overall pressure is usually defined as equal to the hydrostatic pressure plus the pump pressure. In order to ensure a good readability, the pressure differen-. Mattech heeft een zeer uitgebreid assortiment, waaronder RVS manometers en digitale manometers! The proven products from PLESNER.

AS will remain available as before, of course. Supplier part number: Model 214. Description: WIKA Manometer (Model 21- 0-kg cm2). Sie haben Fragen zu einem WIKA -Produkt?

Hier Datenblätter unserer Manometer zum Download.

Electrical switch contacts. Model 82 magnetic snap-action contact □□ Model 83 inductive contact. Model 8E, electronic contact □□ Model 85 reed contact.

Applications □□ Control and regulation of industrial processes. The customer – Die MANOMETER AG MANOMETER AG employs a total of 2members of staff, of whom are employed in precision engineering. Mechanical and electronic pressure measuring devices are manufactured at the Hitzkirch site and supplied worldwide. Pressure is the force per unit area: force Pressure = – area When using. The density of the liquid in a manometer will change with temperature.

The change must be accounted for by the following relationship: Po P = – To) . Als Ihr Partner für Druckmesstechnik, Temperaturmesstechnik und Füllstandsmesstechnik sind wir weltweit mit eigenen Niederlassungen präsent. When used as a pressure sensor, the process pressure is connected to one side of the manometer and a reference pressure to the other. WIKA Handbook on Pressure and Temperature Measurement, U. Lawrenceville, GA: Wika Instrument .