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AirBerlin bancruptcy – claim flight delay compensation for air berlin flight delays with us and we do the best to get your money. Claim your compensation for canceled and overbooked AirBelin flight. Flight disruption claims ( flight delays , cancellations and overbookings). When am I entitled to compensation?

AIR BERLIN has cancelled all flights beyond the end of the month as it prepares to shut down. An Air Berlin spokesman said their payments will be “put on one side” and tickets will be fully compensated if their flights are cancelled.

The German consumer protection federation has sharply criticised the fact that many passengers who paid large sums for intercontinental flights will not get any refund. Air Berlin flew an emotional final flight on Friday after the airline filed for bankruptcy in August, proclaiming “the end of an aviation era”. He says that Air Berlin repeatedly assured him that, if the flight was cancelled he would be put onto a partner airline. Insolvent airline Air Berlin cancelled flights on Wednesday due to numerous pilots calling in sick, leaving passengers affected by cancellations and delays for the second day in a row. According to its website, passengers who booked their ticket directly with Air Berlin after it filed for insolvency on August will be refunded in full, or rebooked on an alternative flight.

It also says that passengers affected will also be able to submit additional costs incurred by the cancellation via its website. Heavy air traffic or technical issues often lead to flight delays or cancellation of flights. Also sometimes passengers has faced the problems like denied boarding due to overbooking or missed their flight connections due to first flight delay or any technical issues.

As an Air Berlin flight passenger if you have faced any . As Air Berlin teeters on the brink of collapse, thousands of its passengers have had their travel plans wrecked by a “sick-out” involving flight crew. Air Berlin : 2pilots call in sick today causing thousands of passengers to have flights cancelled. Affected passengers are kindly asked not . If your flight is cancelled please do not come to the airport but contact airberlin Service Center for rebooking.

To claim compensation for a cancelled or delayed flight all of the following must be fulfilled. Example: a flight from Berlin to New York is acceptable, a flight from . Kelly Brown and her fiancé planned to backpack through Europe for their honeymoon for part of this month. But she said Air Berlin canceled the flight and refuses to refund their money or . Insolvency regulations: airberlin cannot pay compensation. Because the carrier no longer offers compensation for cancelled flights , customer advice centres recommended that people affected by the strike book replacements at their own expense. But Air Berlin is keeping its popular route to New York aloft for the time being.

Only tickets bought from Air Berlin after August – the date the airline declared bankruptcy – are eligible for a full refund under insolvency rules. What if my flight is cancelled ? Last week, oneworld member Air Berlin filed for bankruptcy. Its main shareholder, Abu Dhabi-based Etiha pulled funding after it came to the conclusion that there was no further positive way ahead for Air Berlin. So, what happens when an airline suddenly declares insolvency?

Special conditions for Air Berlin customers.

The current transitional period is an exceptional situation and a very difficult phase for the German airline industry. For this reason, we are offering stranded Air Berlin passengers heavily discounted conditions for their cancelled return flights home. We would like to take the opportunity to thank you all and say in our usual way Tschüss, auf Wiedersehen and bye-bye.

Frequently asked questions about airberlin can be found here. If your airberlin flight is delaye we are the perfect partner. In the event of a cancellation flight delay of more than hours you can claim a refund. Euro, depending on the distance between airports of departure and destination.

In case of flight delay for a flight operated by . Delays and cancellations with Air Berlin. Air Berlin , once German-owned airline company, is currently owned by Etihad Airways. The airline company is positioning itself about a hybrid between a full-service company and a low-cost carrier.

In other words, Air Berlin offers low flight fares and relatively high level service. Get your Air Berlin flight delay compensation today.