Anti graffiti coating

An anti – graffiti coating is a coating that prevents graffiti paint from bonding to surfaces. Cleaning graffiti off buildings costs billions of dollars annually. Many cities have started anti-graffiti programs but vandalism is still a problem.

Companies across the globe are attempting to develop coatings to prevent vandals from . It cures with atmospheric moisture and offers excellent graffiti resistance and cleanability with water power-washing.

Intended for use over properly prepared concrete surface. A low VOC solution to the problems of graffiti that can be easily applied in a single coat application. Simple warm water graffiti removal. I always use Sherwin Williams anti – graffiti clear coat products on my murals. Not only it protects against.

Solvent-based spray paints, Sharpies, and permanent markers are easily cleaned off. Heavy-duty marking pens, paint, large crayons.

Graffiti Resistant Coatings. Download our free book to learn more. It is specifically formulated to be applied to a variety of bare and painted surfaces.

Aerosol paints can be simply removed with high pressure water. Send a clear message to vandals with Graf-X WB, a permanent (non-sacraficial) anti – graffiti coating designed to protect a variety of vertical masonry surfaces from graffiti and paint. Artisan Building Restoration Products are blended with the most effective ingredients, combining ease of use, safety and the environment.

All Artisan products meet or exceed all V. Buy this clear graffiti coating from Rawlins Paints and protect your property from graffiti and fly posters. Ideal for brick and external walls prone to vandalism. Anti – graffiti materials have attracted a great deal of attention during the last few years because graffiti is increasingly widesprea especially in urban contexts. Degradation and devaluation of the involved areas are often notice due to a negative impact in terms of the appearance and lifetime of the affected surfaces. Our anti – graffiti coatings are efficient and cost-effective when it comes to protecting a range of surfaces in internal and external environments.

Extending the use of novel anti – graffiti coatings to built heritage could be of particular interest providing the treatments are efficient enough in facilitating graffiti removal and long-lasting to maintain their protective properties without interfering with the durability of the substrates. However, studies of the . This presentation scopes different type of anti – graffiti coatings , performance criteria and standards which the coating should conform with. Enables easy graffiti removal.

High solids for one coat emulsion. Dries to a transparent film. Excellent weather resistance. Protects natural building surfaces against graffiti, pollution and grime.

This amazing product is a virtually invisible sacrificial anti graffiti Coating. Departmental Materials Specification.