Boiler factorio

One offshore pump can supply boilers and steam engines. Boilers when running at full capacity. This is where things start to get interesting.

These are really simple to set up, they just require thirty-some iron plates per steam engine and stone. The offshore pump goes in the water and needs no power to run.

They produce electricity by consuming steam, using water pumped from an offshore pump that was heated to 165°C steam with boilers or to 500°C steam with heat exchangers. More boiler and they will not have enough water, nearly no water in fact. More engine per boiler make the third engine and those after it not working at all.

Want more space restriction ? Power MKengines and boilers. Steam that has a higher . For example, if a boiler has or more items of fuel in it, an inserter will not insert additional fuel.

When the fuel drops below items, the inserter will continue to insert more fuel, up to the limit of items. The common limits on insertion are shown . Perfect ratio for setting up the steam engines, boilers , and offshore pumps that will last you. Just noticed that they have a third output, what do they output there? You necroed a thread that was for a previous version of factorio where the boilers were inline with the engines.

When people are talking about their engine arrays they say the engines are coming off the . We already know that the boiler :engine ratio is 1:because the devs said so. Does steam behave in the exact same way as fluids? Can heat be transported via steam at . Yes, I have pump – boiler – boiler – boiler – steam engine. Could this be a bug, or am I just an idiot?

Check for coal in boiler. Also the ratio is boiler to two engines boilers per pump. In order for it to work, it must be supplied. Inserter can take from boiler.

You can insert into boilers , but also take fuel out. See this post and follow ups. This can be also used to create an early filter-device , which filters only fuel items: One inserter inserts into a boiler (not connected to water) another take the fuel out. The problem is the boiler cannot connect to the offshore pump using the third pipe on the side.

It has to be one of the other two. This output is meant to produce steam. Icon, Category, Name, Ingredients, Result, Time (s), Unlocked By.